Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Puppy Love

I was sick of puppy love
Non-productive love
Un-responsive love
I needed something real
No lustfully filled
Or sexually reeled
I'm thinking you might be that guy
That will treat me right
And love me truly
Could it be that you are the one
That can make me come
Around to you without feeling blue?
What will it take to make you mine?
Boy it has been a real long time
Since anyone has made me feel the way you do
And wasn't about the games
Just being true...
Is that you?
My ex didn't dog me out
Didn't scream and shout
Didn't hurt me bad
But he wasn't about the long term role
He was scared to show
That his heart did know
That I was the one for him
So he tried to squirm
Out of tagging me
I realized that I needed so much more
Deserved to really score
So I returned that fish back to the sea
But are you the one for me?
Did I catch you at the right time
Or are you taking up my time selfishly?
Do you see forever in my eyes?
Or is this knight in shining armor look just a disguise?

I'm looking for the real deal
Not just sex appeal
I'm looking for committed love
Not just puppy love
I'm looking for a friend to talk to
Who I can go on long walks with
Who I can spend my time with
Who I can spend my life with

Are you the one
Who will rescue me from heartbreak
Are you the one
Who is not on the take
Are you the one
Who will give his all to me
Are you the one
Who will marry me
Who will marry me
Who will marry me
Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just Be

Sadness comes in the day
And I yearn to hear from you
I don't know where you are
But I know that I'm in love with you
Happiness interrupts the mood
When you call me and we talk for a while
I love that you want to be with me
Just be who you are
when you are here with me
Be Kind
Be True
Be Good
Be Rude
Be more
Be you
Be sad
Be more
Be great
Be sore
Just be who you are
when you are here with me
It seems that you're holding back
Are you afraid that I won't accept the bad
I look past all the tainted parts
And love you, good and bad
Be free
Be shy
Be bold
Be there
Be poor
Be rich
Be cautious
Be scared
Be renounced
be low
be high
be known
Just be who you are
when you are here with me

Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When I let you in

You should have known it
Wouldn't you know it
Tell me you do
Don't play and act like you don't see it
Is pride the sin
Well, repent and give in
to me
Realize that
As my name escapes your lips
your heart skips beats
as blood flows to places
down below
where no one else should go
and where no one else should see
except me
because I am
with whom you want to be
and when I shut you out
your world trembles
but when I let you in
celebrations surround the globe
and when your name escapes my lips
once again your heart skips beats
as blood flows to places
down below
where no one else should see
except me
because I am
with whom you want to be
and when we surrender to
our wants
and when we admit
to our needs
we can't help but to feel free
of the burdens of the world
and the things that make us sad
and the people who make us mad
everything is silent
And when our names escape our lips
our heart skips beats
and blood flows to places
down below
where no one else should go
and where no one else should see
except us
because we are
with whom we want to be
for that moment
which will live on
in our memory
because it's timeless
(that moment)
if for a second or for hours
years or just days -
a higher power
leads us
and intrigues us
to do
what we must do
in the shadows of
Yes, a higher power
controls us
and urges us to be more
than anyone else could know
and the secret never unfolds
that As our names escape their lips
hearts skip beats
And their blood flows to places
down below
and they hide because they know
that we will travel
to where no one else should go
and where no one else should see
except you and me
because we are
meant to be
for eternity

Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

We used to

We used to free fall
the sky wasn't even the limit
all we needed was to get in it
and it was exciting, great, and free.
We had our moments
mountain tops
parking lots
anywhere, as long as could just be.
We loved hard
harder than anything solid
harder than stones and brick
so hard that it made us sick.
We still dream
dream of how it used to be
dream of how it should have been
dream of how we performed like real life flicks.
We know better
better to have loved than to not have loved at all
better to have had a taste of perfection
better to have known when to say when.
We will always have memories
memories of what we were to each other
memories of who we were to each other
memories that will live on long after our lives come to an end.
Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

Saturday, May 10, 2008

How Shall I Die?

Should I lay down quietly and let your words kill my spirit?
Shall I drown in tears you made me cry?
Shall I hold my breath, knowing the truth doesn't exist in your world?
How Shall I Die?

Should I continue to depend on strangers to comfort me?
Should I jump from the window in hopes that I'll fly?
Should I ignore all the signs?
How Shall I Die?

If you wanted to you could cure me
But that would mean you'd have to be true
And of course that would mean sacrifice
Which is something you're too selfish to do.

So instead of waiting for you, I'll disappear from your world
I'll make it easy for you to get on with your life
I'll let you make up the story of what to tell our friends
I'll let you decide how I shall die.

Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

Just Make Me Happy

Just make me happy
Stop and think about what I'd like
Take some time out from being self consumed
And consider what would make me feel alright

You know the things that make me smile
You know how to touch me the right way
When times are hard, I may need a little giggle
After a hard day, I may need to play

When we talk, it's mostly about things that are serious
The bills, the kids, the stress
But how about coming up with stimulating conversation
Or saying "we're going out, so go upstairs and get dressed"

It doesn't take a lot of effort
To bring joy to someone you love
But for whatever reasons that doesn't seem to be a priority
For some reason you forgot about the compassionate parts of love

It's not about the cuddling
Though that is nice enough
It's not about the sex
Of course that's needed, but sometimes I yearn for a different touch

Like sometimes declare you'll cook dinner
Or send me a text saying "I love you"
Leave a love note under my pillow
Ask me "Is there anything that you'd like me to do?"

Just make me feel super special
Make me the Queen of your kingdom all the time
Turn my tear drops to champagne kisses
When my day is cloudy, demand the sun to shine

GO out of your way for me more frequently
You know I do the same for you
If you truly love me, then you'll want to just make me happy
If you truly love me, that's not a hard thing to do.

Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Day

I wake up
Still groggy from a summer's dream
In time I come to focus
On whatever the new day brings
And though the dreams were wonderful
I know a new day must begin
With working out, writing, and daily chores
And talking with my friends
And then the kids come home
I handle them with care
I laugh at all their funny jokes
And wonder how we all got here
Here in this place of joy and bliss
A happy home filled with love
I suppose it was God's way of showing
That he's still with us-though up above

Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The price for breaking my heart

Did I break your heart, just a little
When I left you out to dry
If I did, then I am sorry
But that was the price for making me cry

Was I the one for you, after all?
Did you realize it much too late?
When it mattered you didn't care at all
You chose your own fate.

Once upon a time,
it was only you and I
We Were happy and our love was passionate
And made love under the starry night

Sometimes we got real kinky
Made love in the back seat of my truck
I thought that you saw forever in my eyes
Until I realized I was just a f**k

Why did you have to call her
And foolishly lie to me
Did you think I didn't know who she was
Your phone was out there for me to see

And yes, I called her back one day
Pretending to be from a fashion magazine
She said she wasn't a model,but a teacher
And that's all I needed to see

I knew she was from long ago
And you were rekindling memories from you past
So I decided that I didn't deserve how you were treating me
And I decided we could not last

When I let you go, I felt relieved
And I went out on my own way
And low and behold, he found me
And we're married til this day

That could have been you, but you were greedy
You didn't know what a good thing you had
I was someone that your parents loved
I guess you messed up really bad

I know you regret what happened
And I know you'll learn from your mistake
At least we can still be friends
And I won't rub it in your face

The truth is I do still miss you
I wish you'd been honest to me
We could have achieved greatness
But you were afraid to commit to me

I still smile when I think of our birthdays
We had fun, didn't we
And the time we went to the mountain top
And got high, and you made love to me

I'm mad still, though, because you lied
You may not cheated but you still snuck around
You thought I was so stupid
But look who is looking stupid now

I'm done rubbing it in your face
I just wanted you to know what was the last straw
Saying the call was from your cousin
When it was really from your ex-I hope she was worth it now

I would have done anything for you
If you would have just done the right thing
You should have put in on the bills
And gave me a friggin' ring

Whatever, I'm fine with my life now
I finally have someone to take care of me
But know you can always call me friend
But that's all we will ever be
Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

I suppose this is more of an observation
How some women keep a tight leash on their men
I guess it could be insecurity
Or a battle of sorts coming from within
But...think about the true reason
Be honest, please don't lie
Because you can't expect him to be true to you
If you can't be true to the "you" inside
For instance, I have a friend that I've known for years
And we "click" on so many levels, in fact
And there is nothing romantic or sexual between us
But his wife can't understand that.
She hates me for no good reason
Bans him talking to me at all
And I've got to wonder why she's so insecure
When there's no reason-no reason at all
I've got to also check him on this
Because if he were a true friend, he'd stand up for us
He would value the years that we've been friends
And would put an end to all that 'fuss'
So is he weak in that sense
Is our friendship's worth less than I thought
Because in my past I've never dropped him as a friend
And even put him right on top
Everyone I've dated has known about him
They've had to respect that he's my very best guy friend
And If they wouldn't accept him
I'd have to put that relationship to an end
But now I'm understanding that I must let him go
Because if he won't fight for me, what's the use?
And though it's hard to say "goodbye, dear friend"
It would be the smartest thing to do
They say a friend is someone who knows all about you
But loves you anyway-
And that is what I thought we had
But obviously he doesn't feel the same way.
I fear nobody except the lord
I stand tall and loyal for my true friends-they know
So if he can't treat me just as I treat him
Then I guess I'll have to let him go.
Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

He didn't try

Saw his profile and it still says single
Is he lost without my touch?
Does he regret the things he didn't do
When I loved him so very much?
I can't care if he is lonely,
I can't care if he's alone,
I let all my caring escape from me
When I said it was over, so now that's an old song.
I can say he was a fool
To do the things that he did
He should have been thinking with his brain
Instead of with that other head.
He wasted too much time doing nothing
He didn't try hard even though he had a chance
He was too much into going through the motions
Instead of renewing our steamy romance.
I'm married now, moved on long ago
I hear from him now and again
But I'm glad that I found my soulmate
And me and my ex could remain friends
Friends is a little off definition
I'd say we're assocates with a past
That way there's no hard feelings
I hope he finds a love for himself at last.
Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy
By Hpnotiq


I'm wet, but you knew that already
Got me yearning for you more than ever before
Got me wanting you to take me right here and now
But damn, yo peeps on the other side of that door.

Damn, My legs feel so week
From those soft kisses you placed on my neck
And, oh, how my breasts sit up at attention
And, damn, is that big buldge i'm feeling your d**k?

When is the party going to be over?
Why you gotta tease me the way that you do?
You know I got a man
And you know my heart is true

What's love got to do with it? you ask
Well, at this point not a damn thing
Want me to touch you where? Awww, baby!
Hold up, let me take off my ring.

Baby, I can't keep quiet much longer
I hear them dancing and partying out there
Do you think that if I scream they'll hear me
Damn, babe, you done messed up my hair

My perm is sweated out so badly
My p***y's soaking through and through
I got hickies all over my body
And you say we still ain't through?

Okay, i'll wait while you say bye to everybody
Okay, i'll stay for a while
Okay, i'll call you Big Daddy
Okay, i'll sit on your smile

Damn, can I stay here forever?
Can you do that to me over and over again?
Can you once again take me to heaven?
Will you be my 'very good friend'?

Ummm, i really got to go now
He'll be home in about an hour
if we rush, i can be home before he get's there
Can we please just get out of this shower?

Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

Sincerest Goodbye

I confess that our love wasn't true
Because if it were, you'd still be my 'Boo'
And although sometimes I still think about you
I'm glad that we are through

You did me wrong so many times
I can't even begin to count your many lies
And now you're acting like we can just pick up as friends
But the only thing I'll take from 'friends' is 'end'

I'm happier now than I've ever been
He fulfills my needs and cares deeply for me
He loves me entirely, not just certain things here and there
So in the end, I guess life is fair

Go on with her, I'm gone my own way
There's really nothing more to say
Except the next time around try not to lie
And also, my sincerest 'good-bye'

Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

No one

As I
walked down
the isle
towards you
The angels
all spied
at the dream
that came true
That day
came so fast
the month
after June
and when
you asked
me, I said
"I do"
And I still do
Because no one
Yes, no one
can hear me
but you
And no one,
Yes, no one
can feel me
except you
And no one
Yes, no one
can touch me
like you do
And no one
Yes, no one
can love me
the way that
you do
And I love you, too.

Day dreams turn to
Night dreams
When we lay
side by side
And honor
has a place
in our hearts
that's where it resides
And only
we know
what it takes
to survive
God sees us
And he smiles
for he knows
our love is truth
Because no one
Yes, no one
can hear me
but you
And no one,
Yes, no one
can feel me
except you
And no one
Yes, no one
can touch me
like you do
And no one
Yes, no one
can love me
the way that
you do
And I love you, too.

Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy