Saturday, September 12, 2015

Woman to Man

Woman to Man...

Man, I need you to be able to financially contribute to our well being and our livelihood. I cant do it all alone. We can't depend on only me. 

Need you to be able to hold me down. I'm holding myself down but I'm not in this alone; we need each other. I can't hold you down all on my own.

Where is your strength? Why excuses?  I need you.  To be able to life the financial burden of our needs for survival (rent, food, transportation, clothing, children,etc). These are our basic needs and I need you to put forth effort and do.

Not because the men before you did, but because you are grown. But you know my needs....the needs of our community. This is not new for today only. Our women should not have to go to prostitution because that's the only way she can get assistance from a man.  Like wow. I'm laying with you, but do you feel me?

Any man that expexts to be taken care of by a woman isnt ready for adulthood and has automatically failed his own children. But if he's not ready he should get ready. If a man feels that part of his needs is not to take care of his women and children then he is selfish and immature and should be happy to know that about himself and willing to grow.

Copyright ©2015 Attica Lundy Cooper

Saturday, September 5, 2015

First Wife Blues: A poly monologueystic poem

"How do I feel for real
when I see him kiss her lips just so;
His lips brush quicker on mine nowadays
But when he kisses hers it seems they kiss slow.

I see the way he looks at her
Sometimes he looks right past me
I see that newness in their eyes
And I can't see what THEY see in me

She would never even have him
 if it were not for me.
I helped to mold him into the man
 that she done stole from me.

(I know that's a lie)
 She's my sister, my heart, my friend; I hate I think that way
She's here because I prayed for her

And forever she will remain."

Copyright ©2015 Attica Lundy