Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Am Taken

Hands Off! Black Jesus has spoken and has come into the scene

He's cleansed me of my pain, and brought me to my knees

He's the one I'm loving now- nobody else can compare

From the soles of his feet, to the top of his braided hair

Black Jesus has me shaken - Nobody can do me like he can

I don't need no bullshit n*ggas, cause he's a REAL TRUE man.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

Making Love Feels Better

Making love always feels better than sex.

When in love, he goes in deeper.

When in love, his kisses taste sweeter.

When in love, everything is wetter.

When in love, he smells better.

When it's just sex, things are unatainable

When it's just sex, the dreams have no meaning at all

When it's just sex, there's a risk involved

When it's just sex, there's no point, no debth, no fall

When in love, each time is a journey

When in love, it's possible to fly

When in love, the dance is endless

When in love, it's just he and I.
Copyright ©2005 Attica Lundy


HE......... be dat niggah from around the way

"Oh, that's Zulu's cousin" is what they would say

Dark skinned brother with a glisten in his eye

Casanova by clique, cause back then that was fly

Too much to handle, I knew that drama would be deep

And he was too much into the ladies, so way too much for me to keep

And back then I was playing or tied down so I couldn't oblige

Cause if I tried him and got caught i'd get a pop in the eye

So I stayed young, didn't act grown, and just forgot he exists

Never thinking about the opportunities that I could have missed

Turned a deaf ear to the crowd if they mentioned his name

But always cheered him on (on the sly) at the school's ball games

I was just a little girl in this boy's eyes

and so way off limits - that I couldn't disquise

Now we grown with kids of our own and things have changed

"Wassup Miss A?" and i'm like "What??!" and now the day done came

What the phuck? I don't know...but Imma see for a bit

Cause the lovin' is so strong, and the phuckin' is DA SHIT

But I want more, cause now I just can't get enough

It's not just the sex, even though I like it when the shit get's rough

It's not the smile, even though it makes my knees weak

It's not the voice, even though it puts me deep in my sleep

It's not the money- hell, i'm grown and I make enough for me

It's not the status, hell, we grown and what we do - folks don't see

It's just that I see him in my future and can visulize him in my life

And right now i'm his lady, but I want to become his wife

I think we'll do just fine if we go there, but he's on the stall

I want him 100% or nothing at all

So Imma sit back and look, but for me in the end,

We cool as hell as lovers, and we friends till the end

So we gonna do this, and I hope he sees what I see

Cause our love is too good for us to let it fall off like leaves.
Copyright ©2005 Attica Lundy


What the phuck? I don't know...but Imma see for a bit

Cause the lovin' is so strong, and the phuckin' is DA SHIT

But I want more, cause now I just can't get enough

It's not just the sex, even though I like it when the shit get's rough

It's not the smile, even though it makes my knees weak

It's not the voice, even though it puts me deep in my sleep

It's not the money- hell, i'm grown and I make enough for me

It's not the status, hell, we grown and what we do - folks don't see

It's just that I see him in my future and can visulize him in my life

And right now i'm his lady, but I want to become his wife

I think we'll do just fine if we go there, but he's on the stall

I want him 100% or nothing at all

So Imma sit back and look, but for me in the end,

We cool as hell as lovers, and we friends till the end

So we gonna do this, and I hope he sees what I see

Cause our love is too good for us to let it fall off like leaves.
Copyright ©2005 Attica Lundy

Love and Marriage

Imma take it slow

Give it 2 U real, boy "blow by blow"

U dealing with pure Diva from head to toe

Niggah, U ain't know?

Betta ask somebody 'cause I keeps it Real

Hypnotic on yo azz - something U can feel

And dat's REAL TALK on bedroom tip

Don't wanna hear no lip!

U can use those lips 2 go down below

Diva like it when u get it wet, so Do what U know!

Then flip me over to my belly and grind real slow

Do it till Hynotic can't take no mo'!

Then pull me off da bed, take it to the flo'....

Be careful wit the carpets- but just let it go.

Don't hold back cause I can take it all!

And Since we on the flo', you know that I won't fall;

And no more bed creekin' so we can go real hard!

Don't be acting like u chicken, don't be scarred!

Do me like 2morrow there won't be no time

Phuck me till I lose my mutha-phuckin' mind

Then send me home alone so I can just unwind.

Shit, I be missing U before I get the car in the drive

Then I'm making a U-Turn back to see you for one more 'gin

(I gots to get the lovin' till the day done end)

and then i'm hooked like dope and actin' like a feen

But the phucked up part is that you actin' like u also a feen

and we too high on sex to make the choices right,

"phuck going to work" and we gon' phuck until the next daymn night

Now, that shit's TIGHT

And U know it feel so RIGHT

but we got to chill and get some food to eat

Cause you don't wore me down from my head to my feet.

I can't even see straight 'cause it look like 2 of you

Double dick, double fun, i'm into double-you!

I'm tweekin' on some estrogen, cause it's in overflow

Pussy just so wet....Phuck...I want some mo'

I can't do without it, I'm just gon' marry you

then we ain't got to stop, that just what we should do.

Take it to the alter and call it forever and a day

YES????? What you say?

That's real talk, man! On the lifetime tip!

And I don't want no backtalk-don't give me no lip

Just don't be late to the church, preacher man gon' trip

cause i done got him out to bed to marry us

and thank got he so dayum holy- so he cannot cuss

He just say "get here in the hour" cause he was tring to sleep

and late hours is something that he cannot keep.

Thank God you made it here, baby you just in time

"I do. You do. We do". Now we just grand and fine

Let's get to the honey moon and do this thang!

Whew....i'm tired already, you got my body 'bout to sang!

And dayum...i'm looking at the shine on this phuckin' ring!

"Close your eyes so I can do my special thing"

Yeah, I know you like it...get ready to be hypnotized

Cause you all mine!

And it's about dayum time!

Just lay back and unwind;

Imma blow your mind!
Copyright ©2005 Attica Lundy

What's It All Mean

What's it all mean when love becomes just another 4-letter word?

What's it all mean when you've said it all, but not been heard?

What's it all mean when every holiday becomes just another day?

What's it all mean when the door opens and you walk through it, and then lose your way?

What's it all mean when life moves in slow motion and you still can't catch up?

What's it all mean when your two becomes one and solitude becomes your only choice?

What's it all mean when a smoking gun welcomes you to bat?

What's it all mean when you can no longer live with that?

What's it all mean when your home becomes a house?

What's it all mean when you fight to find your way out?

What's it all mean when you have feelings but can't express them?

What's it all mean when you no longer trust him?

What's it all mean when you say let me be!

What's it all mean when you feel locked up, not free?

What's it all mean when you want to try but can't find the energy?

What's it all mean when alcohol and smokes set you free?

What's it all mean when you run but cannot hide?

What's it all mean when you can't feel right with him by your side?

What's it all mean when you put a wall up to shield you from the pain?

What's it all mean when your tears pour down like rain?

What's it all mean when you feel so lost inside?

What's it all mean when you lose your stride?

What's it all mean when you know it's there, but cannot approach it?

What's it all mean when you still love him but cannot show it?

What's it all mean?

The answer lies before your eyes...

But you cannot go back to how things were

Because you are so lost and hurt inside
Copyright ©2005 Attica Lundy


Time's on hold, And this place is so cold-This place is so cold.

I can't breath,Need someplace to think-Need someplace for me.....

Sometimes things seem so damned grand When you take me by the hand, And make me fall in love with you....

But then I see a glimmer in your eyes that makes me start to realize, That in the end it's all about you....

Time slips away, Nothing more to say-I need some place to pray...

A window view, A memory of you-A choice of me or you

I just want to have some time, I just want to clear my mind-But you hold here anyway

You say if I go off on my own, Then i'm the one you'll never know-And so I stay but can't set my mind free

I'm alone

Need a place to call my own

Got some things that need to get strong

This place makes me feel weak

Now I will no longer speak

Because the truth isn't doing us any good

I'll just live a little lie, And see if I can just get by-Cause you'd rather me suffer than do what I know to do

So i'll die, A little at a time-A little at a time

Bury me under that big oak tree-Then you can always have me.

Cut the grass under the tree, don't let weeds cover me-that way I'll never leave

And when you want to hear my voice

Just speak out loud- cause that's your choice

Just speak out loud and hear your own voice...

And for now on I'll just smile

And linger for a while

And linger



Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

He Aint In Love With Me

He don't like the shit I like

He don't laugh and cuss like me

He don't give me the last bite

Or even as me if I had something to eat

He don't fuck me like he used to

Now it's all a rush, ya know

Like my pussy ain't worth a slow grind

Like he got somewhere else he got to go

He don't open the car door for me

He don't let the toilet seat down after he pee

He don't say he's sorry when he hurts me

He don't clean off the windshield so I can see

He don't say excuse me when he farts

He don't clean out my car when it ain't clean

He don't hug and kiss me when he see's me

And he talk to me so damn mean

He be flirting with them hoes

And he be choosing his boys over me

He don't give me the remote control

He don't see things the way I see

He can't show me unconditional love

He don't write to me no more

And when we go somewhere and all the seat's are taken

He take the last seat and tell's me to sit on the floor

He don't respect the place of God

He don't pray with me at night

He don't know how to handle this woman

He don't know how to treat me right

He think that everything is all about him

He think that he's God's gift to the world

He don't see me as his wife

He just see me as his girl

Yeah, them hoes call his cell phone

When they know i'm not around

Then he lie to my face like nothing

Like i'm just a fucking clown

He don't want me to go nowhere

He can't stand it when i'm gone

But when I stay around

It's just the same old tired ass song

He don't hold my hand when we go out

And believe me, us going out is rare

We ain't never been on a trip

He don't even help me take care of my hair

He won't shave my pubic area

He won't rub my back at night

He won't help me take down my braids

He refuse to treat me right!

He don't care about me like he should

And this ain't the way that it should be

I know that I deserve true love

But he ain't in love with me.

Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

Prelude To A Dream


And I could never forget the feeling I got when the phone rang and your voice was on the other end and I had butterflies all throughout-in places remotely familiar and yet new


And I could smell your cologne-unique

and I could feel the hardness of your body- calling me

and I could taste the sweat on your neck-bitter sweet


And though the clock was ticking,time stood still

tick tock-tick tock....time didn't even matter as pecks became sucks and sucks became passion


I inhaled so deeply as you entered me-Didn't know that after all these years it could feel this way: New-Old-Possibility...........and my mind off to another land and i'm seeing picket white fences and a dog running in the yard, and a cruise to the island


Body shaking and I can't get this silly grin off my face and you know what you did to me, and that's making you smile, too. Pretty teeth, though. Jet Black Skin and I can't even see you with these lights turned off 'cept for the light coming through the window giving you this sexy siloute. This could work. Ain't found nothing wrong yet. Wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow.


Because there's no way in the hell I can stay up after this. Even though this place is strange, I sure do feel at home in your arms

I think i'll stay.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

What Shall I Name It

What shall I name it?

I must be crazy because what you do to me ain't called love

Like when you stare blankly at me when i'm telling you that even when you are in the room i'm alone- I pretend you are listening.

Like when you come home smelling like perfume and cheap liquor- I pretend you left an A list party filled with all these important people just to be with me.

Like when I get in your car and find a tube of lipstick that ain't mine- I tell myself that you were shopping around for me and forgot to return the sample.

Like when you call me and say "wassup baby" and I say "nothing" ...then you say "who is this?" like you dialed the wrong number- I think to myself, "he just dials my number automatically because he's always thinking of me"

No, what you do to myself ain't love; but what I do to myself ain't love either.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

3 Day


As a poet, I have rhythem in my step, movement, and stride

As a woman, I can't keep my feet to co-inside

Co-habitation has been my largest flaw

Cause he ain't buying what he already saw

Damn, shouldn't give it up so soon, so fast

3 day rule got me screwed up, so I gotta change from the past

but...damn, his cologne just smells so good

And though i try to stay away, i'm all up in his hood

Talkin' 'bout, can i come see you and how you been

knowing all along i just want to touch his smooth skin

and feel his whole body on top of mine

Making rhymes to my rhythem and rhythem to my rhyme.

That's poetry in the making

But not the kind that is deep

Well, perhaps it is deep

But that's our secret to keep

Okay, so i'm hooked on his body, but this time imma walk

If I keep giving it up, he won't marry me - real talk

But oh, I love him so, love listening to him speak

Love his laughter, his eyes, and his snore when he sleeps

Love his jokes and his manerism...I even love when he's mad

I'm so in love with this man, now ain't that real sad?

Naw...this is love. And love is good and it's bad

So i'll try to change my rhyme and my rhythem and stay in my own bed.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy


He called me stupid and told me to get away

said I was dumb and not worth his time of day

at first i was shocked and the pain hurt so bad

but as hours passed, the pain didn't last.

The next day went smooth until the night came through

and he told me he didn't want me and that we were through

and though i begged the night before

a new me emerged-i'd be a fool no more

See...i'm not stupid, i know who i am

and though i asked for reasoning, that's not who i am

who i am is strong, deep, and oh so kind

but to disrespect me...did he lose his mind

see, deep brown eyes and a smile so wide

and an ass so juicy, make you lose your mind

and intellegence and wisdom like you wouldn't believe

on the grind the right way for anything i strive to acheive

so i took the heartache one night and one day

and then i was done, said all i had to say

but his tune changed and he didn't want to leave

so here we are...him and me.

Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

Looking Back

Looking back on it all now

We gave our very best

Put temptations to the test

And we won

And we failed

And we tried so often it became more of a job

So we said goodbye

And went on to live seperate lives

But the love-it never died

And even now sometimes I cry

Because I still really, really miss you.

So here I am....

Stripped of all my pride

And i'm wondering if you have grown

As I have grown

And i'm hoping we can begin again

Having learned so much

Can we give it another try

Not just as lovers, but also as old friends

Cause I hear the places you have been

Have led you back to a place

Where a familiar face

Could make you've traveled miles....

But your heart is still very much with me

And there's not a reason I can see

That we can't be for each other what we were meant to be

Had our stupidity not made us lose our way.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

ONE story of my life

Way back in 87, came back from California right

Just turned 13, got hips and breasts- Now Im looking tight

Im about the flirt-long hair and boys got my head blowing up

Feeding me the game and shawty knew her shit could not be touched

I got a boyfriend-Too young for a man and not scared enough to have a niggah yet

Pecks on the cheek and hugs, boyfriend saying girl I love ya

Loving all the sweet poetry found in my locker after a gymnastics set

Didnt make it to second quarter before I lost my virginity on a bet

Now Im feeling grown and and theres so many other fish in the sea

Football seasons in, and beer and liquor tastes got-damn good to me

Ol boy who graduated from the school like a year before

Caught me at the snack bar, now Im with him and he made the score

Story of my life

Damn near 14 and the time is just flying by

Im dumb as hell, went from straight As and honor roll to just barely passing by

Too drunk to care, I dont remember everything that went down

Found myself in a circle of girls wanting to whoop my ass and stomp me N 2 the ground

Got the strength from somewhere and in the circle I held my own

Gotta stop drinking and smoking, though, cause my world is hazy and I aint grown

And I got played big time cause he aint serious about no 9th grade girl

So imma dump his ass and try to get ready for the world

Now Im 14, January baby got to get it right

East Point 4 life, but I found me a Decatur niggah-he so tight!

Got his own car, he in 12th grade and from a good family

But he want the ass, too, and graduated, went to Tuskegee and he dumped me

Story of my life

I done ran through niggahsyeah, I can't respect them so I call them that

And Im on the hustle, cause homeboys from the Westside got my back

And we on the grind-seein money come in from left and right

In school by day and by night we trappintill daylight

Like to caught a case, slowin it down cause that was just too close

Still a little girl, no matter how much makeup or sexy clothes

Story of my life

Need to regroup, so I closed myself off and caught a chill

Barely 15 now, gotta get a job cause somehow I gotta live

I aint on the streets, but life at home we barely scrapin by

Grandma on a government check, so Im paying bills instead of getting high

Dude from the other side of the tracks got his eye on me

Next year I left home and moved in with his family

He dont treat me right, but Im okay cause thats all I know

Saving up some dough and when I have enough I know that I will go

At 18 Im pregnant with my 1st child right out of high school

And Im feeling good cause Ill have someone 2 love me 4 real, and thats really cool

Its a struggle, yeah, but I took my cash, moved out, and bought a home

Im okay with just me and my son doing it on our own

Baby Daddy crazy, so hes in and out my life for years

Gave me another son, but the price I paid was stress and a lot of tears

Back in the day he hit me and made my eye swollen, black and blue

Story of my life

We fought for years but one day I was strong enough to say I was through

Back to the grind and a brand new life, but I lost my house in the cause

Grandma had died and I felt alone-so its just me and my boys for the long haul

Imma get it right, but I gotta stack is what I told myself

Back to the Westside on a hustle and on the way to wealth

Little boys on the road with me, taking chances that should not have been taken

But I was on the grind and concentrating on all the dough Im making

BabyDaddy tried to snitch and things fell all apart

Feds on my ass and if I lose my kids Id basically lose my heart

Gotta live life straight, so I disappear and get a 9 to 5

Now Im a corporate whore working for the man just to stay alive

Hook up with a dude and a daughter was conceived; now I got my three

Left his ass real quick so its just the four of us in our family

And I gotta look back, cause throughout it all I made it out safe and free

Gotta raise two boys to be men and thats hard because at times I dont believe in me

But its worth the while and imma make it right and give them the life they deserve

And my baby girl and boys will one day have the whole fuggin world

Imma do it right and imma make sure they dont never need or want for a thing

Imma keep it real and not be fake or phoney and one day Ill get that ring

Story of my life

But for now Im married to my kids with vows that cant be broke

And Ill teach them family values-cause no matter what your fam is your down azz folk

1st born son, right now hes olderdamn hes now 14

Gotta prevent him from living my story, gotta keep him sweet, cant let him get all mean

Gotta set the pace, show him respect, not let him treat girls like them niggas treated me

Gotta keep him off the grind so he can grow into a man and remain free

Yes, I snap..cause if I dont he gonna do shit I did

And yes, he gotta learn on his own, but I can guide him on the right path and not into a dead end

He gonna be alright if he listens and if not, while he still young, imma whip that ass

Not outta anger but love-and hell be okay, all his anger and fear will pass

He loves his dad, but he aint gotta be the same way his dad is

He can be much better, more successful than us both, true to the heart and full of bliss

And his younger siblings, they gonna be okay cause imma make sure of that

Just them and me, we smile cause we got each others backs

I done seen it all, done shed some blood and even committed sins

But they gonna live a different life-so this is where their story just begins.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

Not feeling you

Never thought that Id ever get over you

But the day has come and I forgot the pain that was caused by you

Out to dinner? No, thats okay Im not feeling you

Dont think Id enjoy the company and didnt you forget-we are through

Stop stalking me.

Take off my ring.

Are you crazy?

You cant still love me!

Cause if you did

You'd realize that we can never be together

Too much damage was done

And I dont turn back, I just go towards another.

I know you feel that you finally get the point.

Years of telling you what I need, now I'm what you want

But you dont want me; you're just tired of those hoes out there.

You can't believe you lost a throne to a rocking chair!

The first you had gave you sensation dome

But you soon realized that she gave that to everyone

The next one you had wore only designer clothes

So hot-yeah right, without your money she'd leave you alone.

And sistah girl, the one you took to the picnic

Soon got off her diet-and you soon had triple necks

The lady you snuck off with when I would go out of town

Slept with your sister-but you didnt know that shit was going down.

Again, Ill tell you-dinner with you is not in my plans

You're yesterdays news-and Im with a brand new man

He fixes me morning coffee and gives me poetry as a late-night snack

Makes me moan and grown happily-now whyd you think Id want you back?

And when I'm sad, he sends me lyrics to an old school jam

Puts a smile on my face, no matter where I am

Calls me the sweetest you and makes me feel so wonderful

Im so damned glad that I dont have to put up with your bull no more.

So I'll holla later-sorry you had to lose

Next time wake up when the alarm sounds, instead of hitting snooze

And hopefully, you'll know what time it is

Before you lose out on what you had in this!
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy



I never thought that you would trip about

Dem thangs

And never figured you to be so petty

But all the same

It doesn't matter if you are mad or pouting

I don't care

It's not like I don't have the right to have my own opinion

Not like you're even here

So what if I want the drama to end

and i'm not tripping, so?????

If you don't like how I feel about it then you can always


And when you come back i'll be cool

~it won't even been a thang

Cause you were the one tripping and i ignored you

all the same.

I'm used to your temper tantrums

and they're so sad to me

I try to ignrore them so you won't

look so dang weak to me

And yes, i'm hard, but i'm soft about things

that are honest and are real

And yes, my demeanor is calm but it's not like

I don't or cannot FEEL

But this was about some bull**** and you know

that i'm not a friggin' kid

I wouldn't care if the whole thing ended

Cause this thang has got you bent

But anyway just take your time and just keep that drama there

And when you grow and get over it, then you can find me here!
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

Big Spender

It is hard to be at peace with others....when you are not at peace with yourself.

It is hard to be a leader when you are lost.

At times I look at you from across the room, and dont recognize you at all.

Seems you are a changed person, but I fear your soul was the cost.

A price much too expensive to pay.did you keep the receipt?

Do some soul searching and its bound to reappear.

I was always there for you, and Im not too far away

So when you are ready I'll be in the stands giving you cheers.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

His Skin

Tonight his skin rests on my skin

Still damp from being within

The hollow breaths of life escape his mouth

His heartbeat is my song

I love him so

Never want this feeling to end and

I wish it were a Friday instead of Sunday night

Because life begins again tomorrow

The song slows down and its time to dance again

Deep kisses tell a love story

Passionate movements paint a portrait

Vibrating moans pave the way

I love him so

Making love to him is more than just an act

Its a ballet and Im the prima ballerina

Its a war and this is just one battle

He makes me young

Sweat dripping from his body onto mine is like drinking water from the fountain of youth

And I lose myself in his eyes

And feel so safe in his frame, much taller than mine

I love him so

I dont want him to go away

I want to keep him with me always and a day

And if I could, Id pull him deeper into my womb and keep him everyday.

We fall asleep

And on this night I do not dream

I only smile in my slumber and love him more

And silently pray that well have more days like today.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

Happy Turkey Day!!!

I don't celebrate the traditional way
With Turkey, Dressing, and yams
I celebrate by giving extra hugs
Cause I truly love my fam
And I love to hear all the laughter
And see their loving ways
I tell ya, the love is so beautiful
enough to fill me up for days!
The grace is oh so special
Cause it's one we all deeply feel
And the twinkle in the elders eyes
Shows that true love is very real
I don't think about the pilgrims
And how they came to this land
I think about the stuggle
And how blood shed made me who I am
I'm thankful for the mi-nute freedom
That I have in these United States
And I am thankful for those around us
Who turn to peace instead of towards hate
I'm thankful for the foodstamps
That uncle Sam has given to me
Because as I sit here unemployed
I'm at least able to feed my family.
I'm thankful for my computer
And thank-God for this MySpace
Cause i'm not alone that much anymore
with friends from all over the place.
I'm thankful for my children
God blessed me with these three
I teach them love everyone equally
They are a reflection of all that's me
My oldest, Chris, is a character
He's a teenager and lord, that's hard
But his heart is very tender
He's in love with his first Sweetheart
My middle son's name is Nicholas
He's advanced in his studies in class
But the boy doesn't use commen sense
So what- I still love his crazy ass
My youngest is Miss Trinity
Her eyes are more Hpnotiq than mine
I had prayed for a daughter since I was 13
And finally God blessed me on the 3rd try.
I'm thankful for my lover
He's the one that still holds me down
I know sometimes I fly off the handle
But i'm still glad that he sticks around
Then there's my best friend, Portia Nicole
I love her more than words
She moved away to Texas
But I still make sure my voice is heard
Then there's Miss Ren, who's a close friend
She's so much fun, and keeps a smile on my face
I'm so very glad we met and connected
Because she keeps me grounded and at a good pace
I'm also thankful for my friend Christine
She's been sad lately-but things will be alright
Sometimes you have to learn to build yourself up
So i'm going to be there-no matter how hard the fight
I'm thankful for so much
Too much to list it all here
I'd be here all day trying to list it all
Though I don't mind, cause I always have your ear
Dang, forgot about my baby brother
I'm thankful for Larry and his words
He's the best writer i've come across in a while
His stories soar like the wings of the birds
Okay...i'm gone 4 real
I'd really like to stay
But since Tom gave me this site for Free
I've got to add new graphics to my page.

Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

Whisper Love Songs

I'm sitting outside
it's the start of winter
November air cold
but my love for you still burns
Been missing you lately
and I can't get you off my mind
Don't know when i'll see you again
but i know missing you hurts
I try so hard
to let the past escape
from my mind
trying to remember only the good times
like laughing at
the silliest things
and toasting marshmellows
when the lights went out-and ending it with a slow grind
i long to hear
your song again
i miss you
can't get you off my mind
think i'll come back home
and lay you down
think it's been too long
and that it's about time
Sudden movements in the dark
scare me
not knowing what tomorrow brings
worries me
Pride before passion
has been my crime
i want you back
if only for one more time
la la la la
doo doo doo doo doo
la la la la
da da doo doo doo
umm hmmm hmmm hmm
Whisper love songs
hmm hmm hmm hmm
Till I fall asleep in your arms
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy


He was married to his wedding band

And, he could easily remove the ring and be a brand new man

Didn't want the responsibilities of the vows

Pushed her away whenever she reminded him of them

She cried alone

Each night and day

He scorned her

And made her pay

For what?

Her sins did not amount to her penance

He chose to pushish her

But the wrong was done by him

She called me, crying

I hated him for that

She called me 'cause she wanted to die

So I talked her back to life

She needed him

But he's in the arms of another

She wanted him

But he's gone away for now.

The next day she called me

Found a number in his pocket

She dialed it

And it was a hotel right around the corner

No clues to the room

The front desk didn't know of him

No car parked outside

It could have been a day ago

Why is this happening?

She asked me over and over again.

Why won't he come back home?

I said, I don't know, my friend...

She called me, crying

I hated him for that

She called me 'cause she wanted to die

But I talked her back to life

She needed him

But he's in the arms of another

She wanted him

But he's gone away for now.

The next day silence

Not a word from her

I called and called

But I got no answer

I went to find her

No car parked outside

The front door was opened

And so I took some steps inside

I searched the house

And found no one there

I sat on the sofa

Sleep was creeping up on me by now

The phone must have been ringing a long time

I finally heard it

I answered and told them nobody was home

That's when I heard it

A car was in the garage

Still groggy from my sleep

Took me a while to make it to the door

I opened the kitchen door

To get inside

Her car was there still running

And I saw the two of them inside.

Doors were locked, as they slept in the front seat

I realized something was wrong

And I banged on the door to wake them up

The garage was filled with gas

And I couldn't breath

I knew they were gone

It was so hard to believe

I ran back inside and got a hammer

I went back there and broke the drivers side window

Holding my nose and mouth with one hand

The other reached inside the car

I shook her but she did not move, only fell into his lap

I ran back inside and called 911

It was too late, their story was now done

She'd spiked his drink and made him sleep

Then put him in the car-so death would them part.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

Your Eyes

I do not wish to excape

the madness of your eyes.

It sends me further than i've ever gone before.

The burning sensations that it extracts

Grooves me

moves me

soothes me

loses me

It sends me to desolate seashore away from everywhere,

And there i am.

I feel the sea mist dampen my heart.

It sends me

and there i am.

I'm purring through and through like a kitten

tasting warm milk from the

bowl of a loving, but stern, caregiver.

I feel hungry.

You feed me.

I feel energized.

And there i am.

It sends me to a far away resort

with pools of clear turquoise

Where we sit out on the deck of our suite

and enjoy the sun,

Sipping on vodka and cranberry juice.

I taste the bitterness of the drink

---your drink.

I feel the hot sun tanning my already golden skin.


And as i take one more sip,

one last taste,

i close my eyes.

It sends me to a hot bubble bath in a garden tub

built for two.

The foam moisturizes my body

and tickles my neck,

and i notice how the bubbles seem to melt

and turn

into a smooth film.

And as i watch your naked body taking in the scene,

it sends me.

It sends me.

It sends me to a waterfall

where the water falls

from the mountain above us.

We are in the cave behind it.

There is a lagoon there,

and you caress me because the water is cold

And intimidating.

And as you hold me close to you,

it sends me.

It sends me.

It sends me back

to that madness of your eyes,

and as i realize that there is no escape,

i surrender to them,

to you,

to us.

And i dream,

as i fall into my slumber,

that they

(your eyes)

will always


into mine.

Copyright © 1997 by ADMLundy. All rights reserved.


And his skin is transparent
With the night
Shawdow enters space
between the sheets and I
His lips encompassasing
Damp edges of my moist
and with a suck so deep
that i gasp
into the night.
My hips rise and fall
as i hear sounds of our lips encounter
still down below,
his lips slave to my masterous princess pearl
or was it me that was slave to his
lips, tounge, and skill...
I gasp
no matter who's in charge
only that Black is the cause of my pulse rising
and once the falls come running down
shawdows from the dark rise from the
shelter of the sheets
and his mouth tastes mine...
still hungry i kiss and tease with my tongue
as his rod enters my world below
and again we dance
this time in union
thrusts, dips, moans, and praises
And I stroking and scratching the Black Panther that surrounds his spirit in this night of passion.
Applause as two worlds become one!
I scream "Black" in the midnight hour,
and i'm somewhere else because this man becomes my
And I become his Sunshine and North Star in the smile that I cannot hide.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

She is

She is too clingy. Too needy. Too weak.

I used to think that she was the world and that her passion was such a beautiful thing but as I look at her now, I see something so tiny and undesirable. When she begs for love, it's pathetic. When she pours out her heart, it's almost embarrasing. And I suppose all I see is negative because she's not really loving the person she's with - it's all about her and her need to fool the world into thinking that her heart is selfless when in fact, she's selfish. She doesn't know what love is. She only pretends. And that's why she's so pathetic, and that's why she'll always end up alone.
Copyright ©2001 Attica Lundy

Forever Your Love

I lay still sometimes awaiting anything...everything...from you.

So still, breathing getting more shallow, heartbeat slowing down...trying to stay still enough that you'll seem to move faster than me.

But you won't. You died a long time ago and all that is left is the shell of you. Your voice is a foreign tongue. When we walk together and pass a mirror-your reflection does not exist and I see how very alone I am. Sometimes I think that you are not real; just my imaginary partner, my imaginary friend.

Sill breathing-more shallow-getting dizzy but still faster than you. You do nothing. You are nothing. We are nothing. I am everything that you cannot be.

Escape me, please. Let me cast you into the darkness that you've pulled me into. From the day I loved you, my life has not been my own. From the day I loved you, my dreams have fallen short. From the day I didn't love you anymore, my future seemed much brighter.

Now I lay still enough that you can't know i'm breathing, hoping you'll surrender over your life out of desperation and leave, so that I may re-emerge and reclaim mine.

Copyright ©1997 Attica Lundy

Life Hope

Fear not what holds in thyne destiny

It is what light shines in from the sun rays

It is what mist hazes through the twilight

It is what song hums from the winds

It is babe's breath in the summer

It's the look of the pharoah in his greatest moment

It's the wisdom carried on through generations triumphing ignorance

It's hope in the midst of despair

It's the truth in the presense of a lie

It is thyne destiny.
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

New Seas

I suppose i'd summoned you from across a thousand seas

To a place i barely knew.

Except in my dreams how many times had i

Traveled there before.....and though it was familiar to me, it was, in all honesty, new.

The wanting in your eyes made me tingle from every pore,

Somewhat like the rain hits your skin in the mist of a summer storm.

And yet it was heat that i felt as your hand touched mine,

for that made me hungry for more.

It was your kiss that sealed my fate (much like it sealed my lips).

The taste of you made me quiver as i watched the movement of your hips.

And when you pulled me to you, it was a journey in itself.

For i knew that all the world's riches didn't compare to this love's


Your hand searched my body slowly, and i knew fear,

For i was afraid that this would be the last time.

So i savored every movement, every sigh, every touch¼

And sketched the memories in my mind.

And that night as i slept, i saw it all again,

As if i were at a movie show.

And i thought that dream would never end,

But the new day came; and the dream did go.

And today? I summon you from across a thousand new seas

To our place underneath the sun.

And when i see that smile on your lips again,

I know that we've just begun.

Copyright ©1997 Attica Lundy

Over The Edge


































it is all that I've ever known.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

The Innocent One

The Lie called Love has stolen my innocence away

this autumn day

and as I lay there in the mist of it all

I cry tears of lost emotion

Feeling nothing as he lay hovered above me

because all the pain is gone

Gone forever are the storybook dreams

that he had told me

Only the rush of resentment;

Is this how it is to be?

I am a child of God,

have I lost my place in heaven?

What sins have resulted in this,

What crime?

So alone now am I.


Don't say my name

call me something else,

something new

a name for this new person that you created

because the old me,

the whole me,

the innocent one has left the room.

Your gifts mean nothing

they are not from the heart;

they are from the mind.

Premeditated attempts to win back my love

and to hush my attempts to cry.

Win back my love?

Well, man, what is love?

What I thought was love can never be.

I am a child,

so I play by your rules.

But you can never take my soul away,

or my mind.

So when you are raping me

I cannot feel you.

I am the innocent one.
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

For The Most Part

For the most part we r 1

lovers through and through

but every now and then I'm drawn

to stray away from u.

It's not because I love u less

or that I can't keep up pace

It's just that sometimes I miss myself

and that's when I need space.

Until u came N 2 my life

there was always only me

I got used 2 things being that way

I thought that was how it was 2 B

Now I have u n my life

and my dreams have all come true

The space I need is a little space

But the rest is given to u.

Copyright © 1997 by ADMLundy. All rights reserved.

I Need U

For so long, I carried all the emptiness inside

didn't want to run and hide

didn't want my heart to cry

Now u feel the same emptiness I do

and it's all deep inside u

because u still don't have a clue.

But I'm telling u that I will never leave your side this way

U don't have to force me to stay

I'd be here anyway

u r my heart and no one can take that away.

So I'm taking time right now to apologize

and I'm asking u to forgive me if I made u cry

and I'm asking u to stay right by my side........

I Need U.

Copyright © 1997 by ADMLundy. All rights reserved.

Hectic Days

I never want the rain to pour down

and ruin our parade

I only want the sun to shine

and brighten up our days.

I know that sometimes things are hectic

I know that love is strained

But if you have faith in us, then nothing has to change.

There are troubled waters that will be there

you have to wait along the shore

And eventually the tide will calm

upon the ocean floor

When the time is right

you can take a dip in,

and swim till your heart's content

It won't always be this way.......

Once again we can picnic with the sun beaming down her rays...

Until then we'll sit inside on those cold and rainy days.

Copyright © 1997 by ADMLundy. All rights reserved.

In My Heart

My heart calls out to u

it has blossomed like a flower

...a rose, because it unfolds

sweet beauty within...

I cannot deny that this haunts me,

the anxiety that I feel

of your lips becoming one with mine.

With U all things could be possible

And with US nothing could steer us wrong

I'm at my best when you're on my mind

and I think that u r thinking of me

and our destiny

I hear u calling out to me...

Dare I answer?

Copyright © 1997 by ADMLundy. All rights reserved.

Dip With Me

take a dip in,

and swim till your heart's content

my seas open up to you


skinny dip

i want to feel your skin

private parts buried in

making my cherry throb

until my wimpers turn to sobs

God, how I love the way

You make me cum over and over again

How you pound harder when i say your name

how you pull gently at my silky mane

then slow it down when i need you to

and do tricks with your tongue that no others do

take a dip with me tonite

waves of thunder feel so right

make me shudder with one touch

what you do to me means so much

Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy


It was hard for me to forgive you
'cause my mind wouldn't let me forget
But I know i am not perfect
And i've done things myself that I regret
But i've never taken anything
Especially nothing like the thing you took from me
Our horrid little secret
I was six, and you took my virginity
It still makes me shudder to think of it now
I was just a little girl
And even though you did me wrong
You still were the center of my world
But I do forgive you now
Mack Wallace Hines, i'll say your name
And that way another little girl
Will know you before she plays your games
God told me to forgive you
And if I did, he'd take the pain from me
So I do forgive you for your crimes
And await god's eternity.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

Whatever I Did

Whatever I did is done. I don't expect you to forgive me if it's not in your heart to, but I do forgive myself and truly, that's all that matters. Life is too short to dwell on what cannot be taken back. I love myself. God loves me, too. That's all that really matters.

Whatever I did is done. I cannot erase the past, nor would I want to. I realize that what was done has helped to make me who I am-so I regret nothing. I've learned from my mistakes and hopefully i'll not repeat the past. It's called growing. Not necessarily growing up, but growing.

Whatever I did is done. The tears cannot wash away the pain. The tears cannot clense my soul. Prayer did, though, and I feel renewed, refreshed, and reborn.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

Front Door

You think you can just walk into my life when you want to?
You think you can come, bringing your drama-filled life to my front door?
Do you realize that I can't possibly house all those folks...
cause there's you,
then there's me,
then there's everyone you've been with,
then there's everyone i've been with,
then there's everyone they've been with;
and hell, i'm all out of sugar.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

Making Love

Ill formed clusters of light fall through spaces of the window blinds

The night has cast a spell

Moonlight envades the room

Chocolate so sweet when melted in sex

Marked structures of tatto's and scratches

Unified, an alliance has been made

I do, I will, and vows of the sort

No witnesses, 'cept God and the night

And a slow jam CD made for making love

Accompanied by melodies of the heart
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

My Platform

I shy away from the norm
No certain truths hold me barred
No certain ideals represent my platform
No certain chains hold me down

I am my own woman
Representing ME in all that I am
Respecting ME inside and out
Portraying ME and no others

I fear only GOD
I put no man before my maker
Nothing shiny or large can make me wonder
I am certain of this before all else

I speak Truth with no words or sounds
Hypnotic with tales of my life
Hpnotic when day turns to night
Herotic when it comes to my stride

A new day must come
When we recreate ourselves each day, make new
When we utilize ALL of our tools
To be what we can be

I'll start today
For me, i'll pave the way
And tonite, on my knees i'll pray
That you all will do the same.
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

A different landscape

He's disrespectful
He hangs up on you when he get's mad.
Sometimes he curses at you, and that's not right.
When you are a lady outside but a freak in his room, he betrays you by bringing it up later as a 'comeback'.
He makes you feel stupid for even being with him....
but you can't leave him alone because you can't imagine your life without him.
You are stuck.

You can't trust him.
Can't trust that he will change.
You don't really want him to change who he love that about him.
But you want him to love you the way he says he does, to respect you the way he says he does, to deliver the promise of a future that he said....
And yet he takes you through mind games
and underminds you-breaks his promises...
You've come unglued.

But this is your love.
It's nowhere near perfect.
The book has been written, but he won't read the words so you're stuck reading them yourself and you realize that the relationship isn't a partnership, only an entity.
But you stay.

You stay because nobody can take you from who you are.
You are strong because you've come to understand that nobody is perfect and that ultimatly, he needs you.
He needs you to let him vent.
He needs you to stand by his side.
And in your darkest moment, he'll do the same for you.
He wants no other...he will not cheat....he shows you his good side and bad side and has shown you that he's just a man and not perfect and that is okay with you.
You see his love when he steals glances at you.
You feel his love when you sleep at night and your heartbeats beat to the same drum.
He loves you more than he's ever loved anyother woman.
And that's why he acts up-because sometimes he's afraid because if he loses you, he has lost it all.
It's his way...and it's your choice.
You choose to stay because despite all the bad things, the peace that you feel when you think of him is the truth.
That's who you love.
He's your man even when he acts like a little boy.
And though some may call you stupid, in the end, they don't matter.
In the end, they can't live your life for you.
And no matter what they may say, their grass is no greener than yours-it's just a different landscape.
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy


A spell
A whisper
A need
A want
A feeling
A passion
A lust
A love
A dream
A haunting
A compassion
A revelation
A movement
A shawdow
A longing
A tear
A stroke
A touch
A kiss
A moment
A feeling
A hunger
A burning
A desire
A fragrance
A memory
A life
A fear
A conception
A claim
A question
A test
A task
A plan
A woman
A man
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

Abstract Mind (with poets explanation!!!)

Sitting alone in a white room-white walls make the space seem endless-white floors make my caramel skin seem out of place-white doors feeling unwelcoming-white windows won't even let the sun shine through

you know, in the dark we are all black.-but in this white, i'm so out of place

looking around, there's no other face like me.

Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

Note from the author:
Typically I don't explain my poetry, but for this one I wanted to.
The white walls are the void filled world-void of color and emotion

The white floors are places you go that you have to tip-toe through and can't be yourself.

My caramel feet against that white floor is my free nature not feeling right in this world that won't let me express myself freely.

The white windows are the clouded view that society has us looking at.

In the dark is in a place where we are all on equal ground-nobody is a particular race, creed, religion, etc. We are not fat, thin, pretty, or ugly. We are the same


"They" sat around the bonfire passing the smoke, drink, and sharing the laughter

Talking about things from this to that with so many meanings

Deep thoughts and high dreams and "they" all nodded, understanding

Because the night was free and the sand was endless in the night

At some point "they" became "we"

Sure, others were still there but we were in a new place

Having bonded somewhere in the admidst glances here and there

Our high now lulled into a seduced yearning for verity

It was a point where amongst eyes all around, an instant where I could not look away, nor could he-mutally acknowledged that something would occur...

And when the others seemed to fade away, we only drew nearer and eventually engaged in a tribal consortion

Quiet unexpected, lips softer than mine

Silence swarmed the night, 'cept quickened heartbeats and deep breaths

Ending never wanting to take a play, but of course nothing lasts forever

Returning to the fire, the group had reunited once again and we again became apart of them, 'cept the secret that burned in the fla
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

Lived to love you

She lived to love you
Used to eat, sleep, dream, and breath you
Used to wake up in the middle of the night and smile just because her heart fluttered thoughts of the night before.
She used to pray for you
She stayed
But your love wasn't true
And her heart broke 'cause of you
Damn, Black Man, why can't you see
That when a GREAT black queen, yes the one you've always seen
Shining through her eyes, her smile a sunrise
Her heart pure platinum and jewels
Your home girl from the old school
The one who has your back
Through thick, thin, white, or black
Putting her on the back burner
Like she's yesterday's news
But, Black Man, you just don't know
You ain't got a clue
She's the best you've ever had
The one who loves you
And if you fuck this thing up
You'll be the one that will lose
See...she's smarter than most
She's the TRUTH-but she don't boast
She ain't got to front
It's evident in her stunt
She's not some hoe
That you got from the club
She's the best thing since sliced bread
But you can't get that through your thick head
She ain't about the bling
Or the lame game 'dem other dudes sing
She don't need nothing from no one
She's got it all through God's love
And if you didn't know it till now
Then pay attention today
Any niggah could get any broad
But it takes a real man to be true and to do the right thang.
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

Richard,Mi Amore'






Copyright © 1997 by ADMLundy. All rights reserved.


When Granny was away we used to
and have our special times like
rummy at the card table
big bottles of cranberry juice
lyrics flowing back and forth to each other
not original
meaningful, nonetheless
things were so simple yet important
and never ever any sour notes
and crashing a wedding, watching above in the balcony
of a blissful weekend
special made omlets
and nights filled with lights in the trees
and trips to BJ's for no reason at all
and this was us
this was right
tinted windows creeping up through the YO
and it's okay.....
because life is about change
because it makes me smile
and laugh
and cry
and celebrate
and mourn......................
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

Holding Back















Copyright © 1997 by ADMLundy. All rights reserved.


Leave the light on for me
I'm coming home
It's such a relief to find comfort in you
Keeper of my soul
And while the angels watch over me
It still is not the same
As the warmth that I can only pray for
From the hold of your strong embrace
I am but a woman
Who in the past found comfort in man
But it wasn't until I learned a greater joy
Of saying a prayer and ending it with amen
You were always here for me
Right from the very start
It just took a while for me to recongnize
That you were the missing part
For so long I felt so empty
And i'd shed tears from pain inside
But now my tears are from pure joy
Tears I need not to hide
And one day when you call me home
I will not fight at all
I'll gladly go where you will me to
totally, completly, and all.
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy


Spending nights alone are much better than spending nights with a lie
Sometimes it's best to call it as you see it, and not to run and hide
Best to take a look at yourself and find the worth inside
And know that you are beautiful, and shread away the pride
It's okay to cry if you need to
Okay to scream and shout
But know what your bottom line is
And do not count that out
Never be the fool
Because then you let him win
And take it from a pro
You will find love again
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

The End of Love

Love was when i loved you
When I waited for your call
When I came out in the middle of the night
No matter how near or far
Love was when there were moments
And love was when there were smiles
Love was when I'd lay down my life
If it would keep you from harm
Love was when it mattered
Love was when there was a chance
Love was when there were stars in the sky
And the sweet nector of romance
Love was when you completed me
Love was at "hello"
Love was never doubting
How far I would go
Love was pretty and golden
Love was never afraid
Love was holding hands
And always feeling brave
Love was sacrifice
Love was all there was
Love was any and everything
Love didn't have a cost
Love was truth and honor
Love was breathing in your soul
Love was keeping cool in the summer
And love was staying warm when it was cold
Love was rainy nights in the darkness
Love was timeless then
But nothing lasts forever
And now love has come to an end
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

Silent Presents

I can't speak.

I've said all the words,

There are no more.

I smoke cigarettes because I know they cause cancer

and I don't value my life enough to give it justice.

I want to live. I really do.

But no matter how much I reason with others about how things should be....

no matter how much I try to live in God's light, there is always that dark shadow standing in the way of the shine.

At 4 it was her-presenting to me that I wasn't worth commitment.

At 6 it was him-presenting to me that having a home had a cost.

At 12 it was them- presenting to me that a lie could turn white if tinted in the right way.

At 15 it was them- presenting to me that moments were not prescious.

At 17 it was him- presenting to me that you could run, but could not hide.

At 18 it was him- presenting to me that bruises could be ignored.

At 19 it was it- presenting to me that control was a choice.

At 23 it was her- presenting to me a chance to leave the team and join the flock.

At 27 it was him- presenting to me that bonnie and clyde did exist.

At 30 it was me- presenting to myself that change was necessary.

At 33 it was me- presenting to myself that love could die.

At 34 it is me- presenting to myself that you can't trust what you see.

At 34 it is him- presenting to me that an arrangement is acceptable.

At 34 it is God- presenting to me that life is precious, and time is now, and tears don't have to be cried in vain, and what you feel deep down inside is typically right, and



perhaps it is time to appreciate and practice wisdom.
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy


I need my peace
I will you away
Go someplace
And there, please stay!
Don't call my phone.
Don't Call my name.
Forget about me,
and i'll do the same.
You just can't see
that even if I tried
I can't love you again
Because your actions made me hide.
I can't go out in public
For fear that you are there
I can't feel secure
because you are everywhere!
You are in my dreams
You are on my phone
You are every where
Please leave me alone!
It's so sad to say
I've had to call the police
You are the worst person in the world
Much worst than a thief
Much worst than a killer
Much worst than a fein
It hurst me to say
that your worst than anything!
Why won't you leave?
Why can't you try?
Seems you are mentally unstable
And you could get help if you tried.
Breaking into my accounts,
Hiding behind the scenes
Making me hate you...
is that how to you "love" is seen?
I'll tell you the truth
You don't know love at all
because if you really loved me
You'd not bother me at all.

Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy


I cannot dream without seeing your face
It doesn't haunt me, just calms me and puts me in a peaceful space
But I fear that time is so sudden
Going from cold to hot, coming from nothing to something
I fear it's not real
Fear i'm dreaming like a child
But it feels real
And I feel confirmation through your smile
It's so intense
The way my heart beats for you
It makes no sense
But my faith tells me this is true
So how could this be....
Like going from zero to a hundred in a second or less
Before I was so independant
But now I feel I can rest
My trust in you
Is more than i've ever known
Makes me think somehow
That i'm still not all the way grown
But still I smile
Can't help it 'cause you bring me joy
This is not bad
For a girl to meet a boy
And have a future
Taking it one step at a time
I'm still on my path of faith
Want to live my life surrounded by God's love
And with recent blessings
Seem's you've been sent from heaven above
I must pray on this
To understand God's plan
I've always wanted
to be in the arms of an honest man
I want so much
And I've got so much to give
I suppose in the past
I was alive, but never truly lived
So this is me being reborn
And it feels good, but scrary at the same time
I'll just walk on faith, because I know that you are mine.
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy


You were so lame trying to call me out like that

Little girl, I'm a grown ass woman and I don't respond to shit like that

You wanna play, it's your game, I got no time for it cause i'm ALL that and more

And if your man ain't happy-look at yourself-what the hell you looking at me for?

That shit was so funny, I laughed my ass off, and then together we laughed even more you.

You made a fool out of yourself, desperation isn't cute-so what you really one wanna do?

Two grand a month? Baby that ain't shit? I got shoes worth much more, and you were the fool to even pay.

I got royalty checks, stocks and bonds,i'm a super starr, and I pay my OWN damn way.

Catch me on tour if you wanna see me, you know how us BIG ballers do...

Or you can buy the book, and read all about US..and see how YOU were played for a fool.

And the best part about it is when they buy the books, money gets put into MY account.

Now that's some funny shit, Karma like a motha, cause didn't you cheat on your spouse?

Now you don't really know me, so there's no need to show me just how childish you seem to be

Pretending to have a baby on the way is so high school, makes me laugh harder at you, imagining you drinking hatoraid like it's sweet tea.

And your boy hooks me up just right, serves me oh-so-well, and drinks up every sip of this Hpnotiq, cause it tastes so RIGHT

Hope your satisfied with this info cause I won't be acknowledging you again, especially in this life time.
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

On Top

Why am I so fly?

I'm the winner of the game.

I'm the apple of my daddy's eyes.

Why are you surprised?

Did you think that you would win?

Please, I am blessed by the most high!

And my heart is priceless, too.

Let the Devil try his best, but he's surely going to lose.

Hater's want to threaten, but I have nothing else to prove.

I'm protected by the law, and not just the one that carries guns.

Each and every day I'm blessed…

So now I know that I can't let the devil bring me stress!

Phone calls, emails; they can't touch me, you hear?

You can hate me all you want to but God is the one that you should fear.

Putting all your energy into acting like a fool!

That's not even attractive, so who would want to be around you?

My Thoughts Tonight

I can't count the times
Peace breathed into me new dreams and goals
And I know i'm getting older, but there's still a twinkle in my eyes
Especially when i'm with him on those hot summer nights
And we never fight
Because we know that this is right
Jesus gave so much so that we could make it through the fights
Untouched by evil ways
And have many "better" days
And that's where I am right now
In love with God's pure grace
Married to his truth
Guided by his hand
I found this without man
The guide was already there
Bible verses, scriptures, and the knowledge inside my soul
That's why I always make my goal
Because I don't seek things selfishly
I give what I give and take only what I need
But I work hard for what I have
All this strength in these little hands
And a smile that blesses everyone who's honored with my time
I'm here to please my maker and that is why I shine
And i'm not boasting, bragging, or conceited
I'm just happy-that's what you see.
Happy being me.
Inside this beautiful skin he made me in.
Happy with where he's put me.
Content with love that's true.
And even the hurdles i've been through
have made me more of a woman, so it wasn't in vain.
Do you know what is insane?
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
And that's not what i'm about.
I'm about perfecting what's already in sight.
And I give with all my might.
But it's success that I get in return...
So let the fires burn,
Because I can't be touched by flames.
The lioness inside of me has finally been taimed.
And I'm feeling free again.
Free to do the things that I want to without worry.
And I can take my time, there is no hurry.
And though you probably don't understand,
Trust that God always has a plan.
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

Miss Him

I miss him

Miss seeing his smile

And even though his embrace has been erased

Love for him remains all the while

I don't see him at all anymore

Unless I look at old photos from time to time

I'd never imagined that we'd not be together forever

And it hurts that he's no longer mine

He had to go away

And do what he could not accomplish here

But I know that I will see him again, and he's okay

So there's no need for me to shed tears
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

Monkey Do

I must admit, he told me he was an a-hole

Within the first week we hooked up

So it's not like I can get mad

When he acts like a monkey's nut

Lord help me! When I used to say "moneky"

He would throw that race card out

Like my light skin removes my blackness

(until I brought the black girl right on out)

He was funny with his ways

A gentle giant, if you ask me

Not much of a talker

Said there really wasn't any need

So I began to consider his silence as golden

And his words either as feathers or spears

But no matter how much I tried to love him

I couldn't break through any of his fears

I loved my gentle giant

But I told him, too, that when I love, I love hard

One day our worlds just took separate paths

And tore our world apart

I no longer see him as an a-hole

No matter how he acts

I understand him more now

And I'll always have his back.
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

Free to be me

I am so happy to be free

Free to be the woman inside of me

Five foot two, but towering above obstacles far and wide

Lil' mama in stature, but not in the mind

I'm wondrous and loving and soft to the touch

I don't settle for less, but I don't ask for too much

My blackness precedes me, but now my femininity must rule

I love to wear the dress, but I've had to wear the pants and work shoes

I count my blessings; me, him, and ours combined completes our family

Brand new last name, but inside I'm still the "me" that I be.

God, powerful and mighty, done put his kiss on me

Got me floating to the heavens, and I'm blessed and happy!

Long years behind me, no more doubt and no more pain

No longer without knowledge of the future, I can stand the rain.

Appreciated for the child of God I am, no longer have to hide my true soul

And bite my tongue before I speak, and do what I am told

And because God is with us, there's never a need for a harsh word

Husband and Wife should also be best friends; I know that's what we have heard

And so that is how I live: the life I've always imagined has come to be

And the dreams that I've always looked forward to have become my reality.
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy


I accept the post as Queen and I take my place on the throne

And whereas we were once in two seperate places, now we are home

I keep up the paceand run, haste

to take my seat on the softness of your face

and accept kisses and more as we move down to the floor

dancing rhythmically to beats of our hearts, juices do pour

it's funny how carpet burns are not a factor at all

guess it's because we're floating above it all

skin on skin, there's no distance - I suppose we are now one

and as you offer me another seat, I cum on your tongue

This goes on and on until we both are too weak

Can't move another muscle-Damn near can't speak

So no speeches today i'm too tired to do anything more

'cause the Queen needs to rest her mind-and get the hell off this floor!
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

Party Girl

U gets high off the marijuana

And when yo woman try to get some, u don't want her

Cause your senses are too intense and u don't wanna lose

The way the weed make u feel, so u gotta choose

U offered her to smoke with u but she act like she too good

Chick done came up, forgot she from the hood

But when u go get it from somebody else

She got issues and she wanna step

All of this cause you wanna get high

If it were me, I'd tell her ass goodbye

Baby Boy, fuck it imma smoke with you

Cause I can think of some freaky shit that we can do

Seems like it's better when u do yo thang

With somebody else who swings yo way

Birds of a feather flock together

And we can fly so high and make it last forever

I'm a party girl, only twenty two

So imma do the things yo old lady don't wanna do

Baby come with me, let me free yo mind

We gon' do it big all through the night

I see u smilin' over there, I got you feelin' right

I know u want my body cause my shit is tight

Get out the scented oil- slide in and have some fun

My waterfall's pouring, come and get u some

Now I got the munchies, let's get a bite to eat

Then we'll smoke some more, and turn up the body heat
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

Love Date

Come and take a ride

Hurry, cum inside

I just wanna chill with u

U know it's getting late

And though I love this date

U know what I wanna get to

This is like a dream

So romantic and it seems

That you know what you are doing, boy!

Strip off all your clothes

And lock all of the doors

Imma give you something you'll enjoy!

Ooooohhhhhh, I like the way you feel

U make me want to scream

I'm falling in love with you

No matter how soon that it may seem

I never want to leave

The safety of your arms

I give my heart to you

Promise you'll do me no harm

Once upon a time

We were friends, but you weren't mine

So I had to sit and wait patiently

I told you I was the best

And I'd succeed at any test

I told you to just wait and see

And then the big day came

You threw the past away

And asked if I would be your queen

And I did say YES

After that we passed all the tests

And reality was born from what was once just a dream
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

Hey Babe

Hey babe,

Is she everything you wanted in a woman, is she what you need, is there more to the plan?

See, I've been where you are, and never want to go there again.

I guess I grew up, and learned how to live-right not wrong-and I'm not waiting for you. I hope you're okay, and know the things that you have to do.

You're all on your own. Seems when I think about it, I should have left so long ago.

There were signs all around me, to indicate that you were doing me wrong.

I had no doubts about you because you told me I could trust you. It's a shame that you did the things you did to me…a shame that you told lies.

Now I found love in the arms of a new man. I know that you just want to hide.

He treats me the way I've always wanted to be treated. This love is oh so strong.

He doesn't leave me hanging like you used to do. He doesn't sing the same old song. He doesn't mind us going out, doesn't try to make me hide.

He always puts a smile on my face, and it breaks his heart when he see's me cry.

He never says "no", no matter what I ask of him. I don't have to beg for anything.

And the sound of his voice makes me want to melt when he says romantic things.

He looks me in the eye when he talks to me, says my face brightens up his world.

And he says no matter what he will never cheat, and I'll forever be his one and only girl.

Hey babe,

Are you lonely since she went away?

Did you beg and plead to get her not to go? Did you ask get her to stay?

Did she laugh at you and say the only way you could be with her is inside of your dreams?

Baby, that's messed up. But you were the one who planted that seed.

See I used to take care of you, didn't use you the way she did.

And I never would have cheated on you, but you chose to be with the one who did.

I know she talked a good game.

She told you all the good things.

But I was there for you.

I didn't lie to you.

She sold you big ol' dreams.

But what I gave to you was reality.

Hey babe,

Seems what goes around comes back around, wouldn't you agree?

You tried to treat me wrong, but in the end you were the one suffering.

Guess it's too late now, I've moved on and am happier than I've ever been.

So if you want to stay in my life, then all we can ever be is friends.

I hope that one day you will find happiness, I really do.

Just remember what we went through, so the next chance at love you will not lose.
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy


I don't really want to hide
The truth is so much better
Lies always find their way to the surface
And it will make us tear apart each other
No need to peal away the layers
I stand naked before you now
I don't need to lay under the covers
I will find warmth amist your touch
Your tongue tastes good inside my mouth
I'm filled with nothing except you
I love the way you make me feel
I'm home whenever I'm with you
Take me to the world you're from
Help me learn your native tongue
Your sweat drips on me like a shower
I'm bathed in the waters of your love
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

Slow Down

In the midst of my youth

I'd fallen for untruths

And the glamour of being seen on the outside,

Which led to me being unclean on the inside.

As if momma raised me to be out there and loose;

But didn't she, for she held the permissions for lock and for key?

Her fault, then, that I gave it up to him

And again she's the cause of me earning that nickname

And I suppose dad could be guilty, too, for pushing me into another man's arms

The same man who then sent me to another..and another did the same

Wow, and of all this I made it out somehow

Had to regroup my thoughts and retain my youth

With my nose up high, I dismissed my past

Because bullshit walks and money talks, and bullshit don't last

And here and now if I hear "hey Red, what it do?!"

I'm gonna keep on walking like I didn't hear you

And that's because that old girl is long gone

And she left behind those childish songs

Now I'm looking at our youth of today

Walking around with hickey's on their necks and guilt on their face

And I want to grab them and hold them

And sing them my song

Say, little girl don't wander off too far

And little boy, come on back home

Keep the stride of a child and a kid

It'll soon be over when you hit that adulthood bid

See..grown folks get caught in bills, payments, and taxes

And we're always too busy, never time for relaxing

Some of us have to play catch up

Cause when we were young, we weren't on task

And how the hell you gonna live today on forty thousand a year or less

And I'm just saying, once you have kids it's your responsibility to provide

And regardless if you weren't the only one that laid down, it was your choice so you can't hide it

And damn, you see "free" people out there, and you reminisce about back in the day

When you could just be tired and decide to sleep all damn day

But now you're on the grind, and it feels like you are digging your own grave

Remember, though, back then when you were ever so brave

Can you recall the first time you sipped your first beer

Or snuck kids in the house when your folks could not hear

And when you rolled your eyes at the teacher and told you she's not the boss of you

Remember those times when you screwed up in your youth

See, I remember those times and I remember them well

That's why I'm not so angry about it when I have to struggle to make bail

It's karma, so I take it, and pray for better days

And I know they will come, long as I still pray.

Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy


Subliminal thoughts cross the room towards me, but I do not answer your calls of misguided intentions and reservations of what you think you feel.

For real.

See, I'm not a little school girl impressed with your age or popularity because as I see things from here,

I'm the one who gets the cheers.


once upon a time, baby boo, I was so definitely all into you

but ever since we were though I

see nothing at all in you.

Nevereverland must have a place for you, and damn, what is it that you are trying to do?

I'm oh so satisfied and have made it clear

that your presense is not at all welcome



you just don't get it. Must I entertain

the energy that it would take to get this into your brain

that once it's over it's done. Can't you see

that you seem so damn weak to me.

It's not a good luck boy. Go bother someone else.

Or just stay single for a while

so you can find yourself.

Must have been a blow to the ego that I moved on so fast,

but we all know that good women don't stay alone as time passes.

I-----got up got some business about I, myself, and me…

and then the rest is just plain old history,

and you can read about us on the latest blogs

about how this dreamy romance came in out of the fog.

Sniff sniff, must I hand you a tissue for your eyes?

You still ain't got nothing, I know this came as no surprise.

Did you honestly think that I'd keep putting up with you

and remain in the shawdows because I couldn't be seen with you?

Wow, you really underestimated my worth from the start,

and that's the main reason why you are no longer in my heart.

So imma leave now, because me and my man have plans

and no

there will never


be another chance.


When I'm all alone I listen for her voice
Saying, "You don't have to go that route" and "You always have a choice"
And I know that even though she's no longer here with me
I'll always have the thoughts, the words, and the memories
She took me in when all was lost
And tried to give my life sunshine
Even though times were hard
She gave me peace of mind
Back then I didn't understand just how much a big hug meant
But now I know, and I thank her..from God to me she was sent
She was my grandma
Beautiful can't even describe her
Hair jet black and straight, skin so smooth and light
And, boy, could she set you straight
If you dared to do me wrong
That's why I loved her...she was my very first love song
I miss her now
I wish she were here with me
To see me smile
She'd be so happy
To see my life
And what it turned out to be
Me as a mother
And a wife
That's what she wanted for me
To see my dreams come true
And for my children to be happy and kind
That's why I do what I do
I show my family love
That's the way I keep her spirit alive
I feel her in heaven above
In a place with the most high

Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy


I just made love in the sweetest place of heaven
I think I'm floating on cloud seven
I didn't know that sweat could taste so sweet
And that I could shiver in the heat
I wish that nights like this would never end
Can't wait for the next night like this to begin
And though I'm dreaming it feels like I'm awake
This is farthest from my old heartbreaks
If I could touch this I wonder how it would feel
Would it feel soft like feathers or hard like steal
I'm floating so high that I can't see the ground
And it's so quiet I can't hear the loudest sounds
All I hear is heartbeats-is that you or me
I'm so dizzy I can barely see
This is crazy-why do you make me feel this way
Promise me that you will always stay
I'm never going to leave this fuggin' bed
I know you're talkin' but I can't hear a word you've said
It's funny how when I try to maintain my composure
You make me lose it, make the wild side in me show exposure
I'm awake now, I guess I was never asleep
It was just so good that I thought I was in a dream
Okay, I guess I'll say goodnite for now
Gonna try to get some sleep somehow
Hold me tight until I drift off to my dreams
No matter how long it seems to take me
And I'll make you eggs and bisquets in the morn'
So you can regain your strength and be strong

Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy


Waking to the pulse of your vain within me
I move to the rhythem it brings
I imagine it is my ride to freedom rings
And then I exhale
As tulip bulbs begin to bloom
My breasts rise up and down like the peaks of mountain tops in June
We are one, me and you
And then I exhale
Rolling over and looking into your soul, I'm intact
I understand love now and will never go back
And I thank God as I wrap my arms around your neck
And then I exhale
Legs wrapped around your back as you do what you do
I wonder when the exact moment came that I knew
Just how very much I am in love with you
And then I exhale
Nothing sweeter could ever be
The way that you chose to love only me
You are the last piece I needed to complete my family
And then I exhale
On all fours I grab pillows so tight
That I'm sure the feathers will excape in this fight
But I don't care because this is right
And then I exhale
Fingers scratching the wall as I moan your name
And you say mine, too, and I'm going insane
You pull back to taste me as you work my brain
And then I exhale
I'm so lucky to have you take care of me
This is like tasting honey, so damn sweet
As I float up high to ecstasy
And then I explode

Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

He Sees Me

He sees me
I know he does and if I look harder I can see him, too
I knows me
Sometimes better than i know myself, and that's so very hard to do
He holds my hand, I squeeze a little so he knows that I feel him
I love him so and never knew that love could feels so free
He's the best thing that ever happened to me
They call this love
They call this love
They call it love but I know it's so much more
They think they know
They think they know
They think it's the same as what they have, but they are so wrong
This is the purest form of happiness
He says we'll be this way forever and I believe in him
He tries so hard, never wants me to struggle again
Embraces my trueness and I love him so much for that
He smiles at me
I wink at him
That's our way of confirming what we have
It's been too long since I've seen him
And that was only five seconds ago
He watches me from the corner of his eye
As if he is painting a portrait of me in his mind
I take a pic of him from my camera phone
And stare at it all day when he's not near me
Love is
Feeling this way
And Love is
Staying this way
And Love is
All that we've said and more........
and this is forever more.

Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Piano Man

Piano Man
Sing me a tune
Make it slow and heart felt
So that when I close my eyes I can see notes
Lift me up with your song
Brighten my day with your smile
That same smile, old friend, that I've not seen in a while
Whether it be something like the blues
Or even a tad bit jazz
Something to make my toes wiggle
Or that will make me shake my
And if you're feeling rather gracious
Give me good old R&B
I want to snap my fingers to something
Yeah, I know you're feeling me
Piano Man, where's the music
I've got my ears so open and wide
There's something I've been missing
Since I crossed over to the other side
I cannot put my finger on it
Seems like there used to be a new song every day
I suppose I must have been to busy
To sing the songs of yesterday
But now I've got a duet playing in my heart
So I need music for our team
And you know that if you write the music
Then we'll write the song to sing
And I'm just hoping that all's not lost
And that you'll play for me again
It's not too often that I come out to be seen
But I will for an old friend

Copyright ©2007  Attica Lundy