Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Piano Man

Piano Man
Sing me a tune
Make it slow and heart felt
So that when I close my eyes I can see notes
Lift me up with your song
Brighten my day with your smile
That same smile, old friend, that I've not seen in a while
Whether it be something like the blues
Or even a tad bit jazz
Something to make my toes wiggle
Or that will make me shake my
And if you're feeling rather gracious
Give me good old R&B
I want to snap my fingers to something
Yeah, I know you're feeling me
Piano Man, where's the music
I've got my ears so open and wide
There's something I've been missing
Since I crossed over to the other side
I cannot put my finger on it
Seems like there used to be a new song every day
I suppose I must have been to busy
To sing the songs of yesterday
But now I've got a duet playing in my heart
So I need music for our team
And you know that if you write the music
Then we'll write the song to sing
And I'm just hoping that all's not lost
And that you'll play for me again
It's not too often that I come out to be seen
But I will for an old friend

Copyright ©2007  Attica Lundy

Presidential Suite

Presidential Suite

I finally made it to the Presidential Suite

On this heavenly bed

Got the richest complimentary chocolate laying on the pillows

I taste it one lick at a time

So bitter, so sweet

A treat I'm sure to keep

I'm told it will melt in my mouth

Not in my hands

But this man

Makes me melt so quickly

I'm watching for a cold front

To blow through

But this heat wave's got me sweatin'

Sweatin' him in the darkness

Sweatin' him in this hour

Sweatin' him sweatin' me

From the bed, floor, counter, and shower

And then back to the bed

As I melt in his mouth

And then in his hands

Until our chocolate lays

It's melted bitter sweetness

On the pillows

On this heavenly bed

Inside of the Presidential Suite

Copyright ©2007  Attica Lundy




Greatly seen are the material things

Expunged are the essential values that survived

Long ago

Slain by killer eyes who justify worth

By the name brand

And not the power in a firm shaken hand

Not by the sweat on the brow of a hard working man

Impressed by the come up and not the climb up

Settling instead of striving for more

Than the towel that replaces a throw rug on the floor

Copyright ©2007  Attica Lundy

Step Family


Step Family


I took your name and you took all of me

Even though I didn't help harvest your seed

I helped to form our family

And we will raise every he and she

Until they are grown

And no longer in need

Then it will be us

It will be we

I'll pull you up

And you'll carry me


Copyright ©2007  Attica Lundy

First Impressions

First impressions

Is this real?

How can this man know

Exactly how to make me feel

Like, how does he know how to

Hit the spot

Right there

And lord knows I'd been looking

Damn near everywhere

He loves to slow grind

And kiss me from behind (on the lips)

Until I begin to make the sheets rip

And then he gives full kisses that are like poetry or old R&B songs

And looks deep into my eyes

Saying that even though I'm Hpnotiq, he can Hypnotize

Me, and tells me to slow it down to a pulse

He never rushes it

Always takes his time

Does it nice and slow

Makes me lose my mind

But that was just first impressions

Wonder why it never stays so sweet

Cause now that he's got me where he wants me

He ain't trying to keep up the heat

No, now that he's got me in the palms of his hands

He is lazy with the details and the flow

Like he's got somewhere better to go

There is very little foreplay

And licks are only for lubrication

And I can't stand the frustration

And now things are in deliberation

Because I realize that all we had was first impressions

And the good times we shared left behind no representation

No kids, no ring,

No plans for those things

I guess love don't live here no more

So give me the keys back to my door

And the final impression

Will be your behind

Being careful not to let the door hit you where the good Lord split you

Back into the world you go

Never to waste my time anymore.



Copyright ©2007  Attica Lundy

My Favorite Pair

You fit me like my favorite pair of jeans

Fit me like a glove and snuggles close in between

I never get tired of your texture

No matter hot, cold, dry, or stormy weather

Nothing can come between us

No one else can even compare

From the soles of your feet to the tip of your hair

You are my favorite pair

Favorite pair of eyes

Favorite pair of legs

Favorite pair of hands

Favorite pair of ears

Favorite pair of feet

Fits me so right, especially in the seams

Especially on the rear

Especially when you're near

Especially in between

Especially with nothing between

You are my favorite pair of jeans

I love to wear you commando style

And whenever I have to take you off for a while

I am naked in the world

Don't know how to be nothing else but your girl

Couldn't imagine changing brands

You're my throwback

You're my vintage pair

You are to me Jordache with the horse on the pocket

Causing me to smile whenever I see you

Making me realize I'm grown

Keeping me aware that I'm not alone

as long as I have My favorite pair


Copyright ©2007  Attica Lundy

My Name

My Name

I am a woman

Can you see the curve of my waist?

Doesn't matter if I'm black, white, or blue

You see the softness of my face!

You see the cushion of my breasts

No matter what the cup size

I'm proud cups provide nourishment to children of world

With each breath, don't you see them rise?

Don't call me out of my name

I ain't your dog, your hoe, or your nig

I ain't no bitch or no cunt or no trick

Better recognize who you messin' with


Copyright ©2007  Attica Lundy

Love Fullfilled

wrapping my arms around him i realize completion

Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

This is Love

I never was introduced to it before
Never knew a kindness of this sort
Always wanted to touch a soul
That would be the other half of mine
Now I know what what it feels like to smile
All the time

I always fantasized on how it would feel
To be a part of a lifetime goal
Never wanted my dreams to never come true
Always knew that I'd find you
And that love would find me, too
Forever more

This is love
I know it has to be
Because I'm smiling
Even at times I should not be
And I'll be damned if I let you go
I'll die first, this I know.

When I walked down that isle
And I saw you standing there
My heart did flips and smiled
I told my Uncle "look at him, that's my future"
I didn't worry about anything more
This is love

Commitment, honesty, and truth
Conversation, and more when we said "I do"
I feel God smiling on us, I know he's happy that I changed
From a little girl into a grown woman
Who lives to feel his grace

There's no rhyme or forms
This is not a poem
It's what I'm feeling right now
And what I've been feeling all along
We're happy together, completing each other all through
I love and am in love with you

Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

Outspoken Lover

I was told that the nature of a woman was to lie

Never talk about her true feelings, to always keep them inside

Always be soft spoken, take insults like someone's joking'

And be the softness that a real man needs…

Well, I'm sorry I can't be that way

Sorry, I don't know words to say

To make things sound better

And it won't get any better

This is who I am - I'm stronger than most

I got babies that look up to me, sisters that need me to lead

So take me or leave me, that is your choice.

Before you decide, please hear my voice.

I can be all you need

You could really count on me

And that is what matters-not what society thinks we should be

It won't make you less than a man

To tell them you understand

My position on things

And the joy that I bring

To you

Taking you to new levels you didn't know existed

Remember how my tender kisses were sensual, so hard to be resisted

You laughed cause I'm bossy and so I insisted

That you stay through the night – and that felt so right

And how even when you stomped your feet

I laughed at you and turned up the heat

And you were putty in my hands

It doesn't matter if they understand

But it doesn't matter because they don't have what you need….


It's not about what they think

Only matters what our love brings

Only matters how we feel

And that we know this love is real

When we are alone, the world doesn't exist

Only our two heartbeats and the softness of our kiss

And you and I both know

Haters will continue to throw

Out all their negativity

But close your eyes so you can't see

All of their jealousy and all of their games

Just shut out the world and know that your place

Is here by my side

No matter what life brings, baby, I'm gonna ride

Its us, do or die

And I'll never desert you – Always be here for you

Just like you are here for me – saving me, giving me what I need

I'm so glad I found you, so just let me love you

The way that I know how to do.

Shut out the world, and let love be our earth.

Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy


I could have loved him from afar-but I took a chance
I told him my true feelings, not just what I thought was the right things to say
And I bore my soul to him-not knowing if it mattered
Told secrets that could have changed his view of the "me" he was falling for
For I'd already fallen in love and just wanted to put it all out there
Sometimes the truth can be so very scary
If you haven't been the you that you know you should have been
We all fall short of glory
But nobody wants to be naked with no armor
But for him, I stripped it all down
And in my nudess skin
He took to me and showed me a love unlike any I've ever known
And sealed it all with kisses that were so much more than a pinky swear-but the same faithfullness
And so I gave him, in return for his unconditional love, my heart
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy