Sunday, March 1, 2009


I tried my best
I'm not like all the rest
I didn't want to be
Just a new old memory

You see I put in so much time
To show you how love feels
And I tried my best to smile
Even when my heart cried painful tears

Coming home to you became more of a task
And in playing wife to you I had to wear a mask
Because you made me sad and you made me blue
And I didn't feel like "me" when I was was with you...

Don't try to change my mind
Not even a little bit
I've been this way for some time
It's such a mess, I'm tired of it
Maybe we should not try
I just want to be rid of it
You should just stay gone for awhile...
Until the smoke blows down

Some time has passed
I'm missing you more and more
I pick up the phone to call
But then I stop 'cause I don't know what I want

I know that too much time has passed
And as we're apart longer it seems so strange
I don't know what we're holding on to
Could it just be a familiar face?

Waking up to me was not so bad
And waking up to you mostly made me glad
But now that you're gone I'm not the same
And I don't know if we could make it with all of these changes

I tried my best
I tried my best
I'm tired of all this mess
I'm so tired of all this and all of the rest of it

I've just got to sleep
I've got to sleep
I've got to sleep
Maybe then I'll dream.....................
Copyright ©2009 Attica Lundy

Friday, February 6, 2009

How we came to be

If I was sent to you
Then I am all you need
There is no need to look behind
Just let me be the one for you to see

I know it took some time
And you prayed for someone like me
So now that you have seen the vision
Imagine how good the reality will be

We shall sit by moonlight and dream
And talk about our faith and how this came to be
For me to be your lifemate
And you to be the same for me
Copyright ©2009 Attica Lundy

Can't stop thinking of you

I can't get you out of my mind
My heart beats solely for you
My tears flow into eternal pools of sadness
Because I can't be with you
I die a thousand deaths
Each time that you leave
And I can't go with you
It seems so unfair to me
I want to hold you close
And protect you from this
To bring you closer to me
And for it to be right
But only time will tell
Where our love will be
And however long the storm goes
I pray you'll be waiting for me...

Copyright ©2009 Attica Lundy

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Given up on you

I know that you were hurt
Knew that you were lost
Knew that confusion caused you to run away
Knew that you wanted more, but couldn't grasp it

I tried to show you something real
Something that you didn't have to run from
Something that was for you and not from you
But you can't teach someone to love

Kindness doesn't mean weakness
But when you are broken, it's easier to run away
I tried my best, but now it's your turn
To do for yourself what you think is best

If you don't put in, you can't receive
And I hope you learn this before it's too late
The path you are heading down will end in failure
But I pray that you find your way

Copyright ©2009 Attica Lundy

Musiq Soulchild - Teach Me - Musiq Soulchild

Long Distance

I don't know what sent you away
And can't seem to get you back
Most times I just put you out of my mind
Because when I think of you, I get off track

I cannot go for more than a week
Without at least once thinking of you
I hate that our season came to pass
And that the reason didn't see us through

I wish I could turn back the hands of time
And take different steps than before
And if I can't have you back in my life
I wish I'd never even met you before

I'm scarred with a brand that symbolizes our time
But it burns right through my skin
No amount of ointment can block out the pain
Will my heart ever truly mend

I know it's time I moved on
But sometimes I want you back here with me
My tears have run dry, so there's only hurt
And I know that we can never again be

You're not within touch, so I can't feel you anymore
And that moment (our time in love) seems so long ago
I wasn't sure if you knew that I still thought of you
So I'm writing this so that you will know....

Copyright ©2009 Attica Lundy

Long Distance - Brandy

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The things I won't show you

It's hard to listen
So hard to listen when you speak
I know you're lying
And making promises you won't keep
You think I'm nothing
That's why you do the things you do
See, I don't trust you
So I won't show my all to you
The greatest things
You'll never know
The love we shared
Is all but gone
The games you played
Are done and you have lost
You thought you won
But you paid the cost
Copyright ©2009 Attica Lundy

Take A Bow - Rihanna

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I have become

He was a bridge to an awakening
Of who I was to be
And when I crossed the winding trail
He was no more to me.

I held my breath as soon as he put his hat back on
And watched anxiously as his figure became a distant blur
Until the vision was no more
And I could breathe in the new world.

Oh what strength I had all of a sudden
As if nothing could bring me down
The second day of the year gave birth to me
A new child with no more frowns!

I do not question how or why
I care not because that was long ago
And moving forward with no thoughts of him
Brings on a little smile, of whose pleasures only I know.

I do not damn his being
(He damned himself all on his own)
For I can only celebrate my own blessings
And be a testimony for those who had seen me grow.

And he is as blind as the day before we met
Knowing nothing of the me who is me
And I care not to boast or show off my new wealth
I shall let him stay where he chose to be.

To some I am a rose whose petals have outshone what was
To some I am the symbol of a dream
To some I am inspiration
And to some I am what comes from dreams.

To some I am what always was wished for
But never quite close to grasp
But to me, I am the most amazing light
That will shine and never will come unclasped.

Seek me not for I am no longer tangible
Speak not, for I shall not hear
Want not, for there is nothing left
Come not, for I am not here.

I am the name given to me upon my first breath of life
I am Hpnotiq to those who know first hand
I am princess and daughter to the Jesus Christ, my Lord
But I am no more to that distant man.

Copyright ©2009 Attica Lundy

Rehab - Rihanna