Sunday, March 1, 2009


I tried my best
I'm not like all the rest
I didn't want to be
Just a new old memory

You see I put in so much time
To show you how love feels
And I tried my best to smile
Even when my heart cried painful tears

Coming home to you became more of a task
And in playing wife to you I had to wear a mask
Because you made me sad and you made me blue
And I didn't feel like "me" when I was was with you...

Don't try to change my mind
Not even a little bit
I've been this way for some time
It's such a mess, I'm tired of it
Maybe we should not try
I just want to be rid of it
You should just stay gone for awhile...
Until the smoke blows down

Some time has passed
I'm missing you more and more
I pick up the phone to call
But then I stop 'cause I don't know what I want

I know that too much time has passed
And as we're apart longer it seems so strange
I don't know what we're holding on to
Could it just be a familiar face?

Waking up to me was not so bad
And waking up to you mostly made me glad
But now that you're gone I'm not the same
And I don't know if we could make it with all of these changes

I tried my best
I tried my best
I'm tired of all this mess
I'm so tired of all this and all of the rest of it

I've just got to sleep
I've got to sleep
I've got to sleep
Maybe then I'll dream.....................
Copyright ©2009 Attica Lundy


Anonymous said...

During this time you should listen to your closest friends advice. They can see what what is blind to you.

Attica Lundy said...

This is true. But just for the record, the poetry I write isn't all about me.
This particular poem was inspired from a tune I had playing around in my head...I tend to write a lot about relationship issues, good and bad.
But thank-you for reading and replying. God Bless.
Attica Lundy