Friday, November 5, 2010

Green Light

Real Recognize Real
That's the game we play
It's not no kiddy shit
It's real life these days
I put a lot on the line
But had to come to a hault
Now it's the middle finger
But you're the one at fault
At no time did I ever
turn my back to you
I kept it 100%
Never no games with you
But in the end you couldn't
handle the simple truth
And it caused you grief,
so what's a woman to do?
We were lovers, then friends,
then turned to family
I would have given you the world,
hell-I gave you my key
But you turned from a boy to a man
then to a bitch
Never really had my back,
turns out you were a snitch
So now you cannot exist to me
Pull a stunt on me again and it's death you'll see
Cause in the end
you are no longer shit to me
So I'll handle you
like all the lames that I see
Stay the hell away from my my door,
you have fucked up now
In your mind you're gangsta,
but I can show you how
Real Recognize Real,
I don't recognize you at all
And before you rise,
I will see you fall
So take that Bonneville,
or that Old school whip
And drive it the fuck away,
and hopefully you won't slip
Cause if I see you in my lane
in any way
Dem shooters will surely be
all up in your face.
Copyright ©2010 Attica Lundy

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