Thursday, June 5, 2008

Until Dessert Comes

The appetizers have not yet arrived
But I have
Over and over again
Before the waiter even brought out our drinks
I can't stand you
Because you say we can't leave
Not until dessert comes
He comes over with glasses of ice water
I take out a cube and begin to suck on it
And your hand is still there, under my jacket and up under my dress
Fingers stroking my cherry,
but not fast enough
Because he is there taking our order
And you calmly talk to him, asking me questions that I can't even decipher
about what I would like
As if you don't know
I give you the look
Chuckling at the waiter
Because my behavior humors you
You say something clever to the waiter
And you order for me
And continue to torture me all the while
I beg you to stop
whispering to you so no one can hear
But you won't
You whisper back that you won't stop
Until dessert comes
I cover my mouth
Suffocating screams before they escape
And you won't stop
Until dessert comes
But I can't wait for the waiter
I can't wait for our meal
You see,Whip cream escapes and my cherry has burst
And now I'm not in the mood for dinner
But you say we'll stay anyway
And will not leave
Until dessert comes

Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

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