Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Puppy Love

I was sick of puppy love
Non-productive love
Un-responsive love
I needed something real
No lustfully filled
Or sexually reeled
I'm thinking you might be that guy
That will treat me right
And love me truly
Could it be that you are the one
That can make me come
Around to you without feeling blue?
What will it take to make you mine?
Boy it has been a real long time
Since anyone has made me feel the way you do
And wasn't about the games
Just being true...
Is that you?
My ex didn't dog me out
Didn't scream and shout
Didn't hurt me bad
But he wasn't about the long term role
He was scared to show
That his heart did know
That I was the one for him
So he tried to squirm
Out of tagging me
I realized that I needed so much more
Deserved to really score
So I returned that fish back to the sea
But are you the one for me?
Did I catch you at the right time
Or are you taking up my time selfishly?
Do you see forever in my eyes?
Or is this knight in shining armor look just a disguise?

I'm looking for the real deal
Not just sex appeal
I'm looking for committed love
Not just puppy love
I'm looking for a friend to talk to
Who I can go on long walks with
Who I can spend my time with
Who I can spend my life with

Are you the one
Who will rescue me from heartbreak
Are you the one
Who is not on the take
Are you the one
Who will give his all to me
Are you the one
Who will marry me
Who will marry me
Who will marry me
Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

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