Thursday, August 21, 2008

My wings

Thought I heard a birdie say it was time
Time to spread my wings and fly away
I've been settled in the comfort of my mind
But now I must find the energy to speed up the pace
I do not know where my wings will carry me
Or which way the winds will blow
All I know is that when I leave I will be free
And where I'll arrive to, only God knows
But I am happy because I have found my peace of mind
I have learned a great lesson, even at this ladder age
That real love is hard to find
Sometimes it takes a wrong love to make you see it that way
Sometimes you travel in search of something
Only to find that you really had it all along
and hopefully you embrace what you have with a ring
And are saved from escaping into something that was wrong
Alas, I am much more free this time around
I smile and I spread my wings wide
And the renewed love of self has been found
No longer will lies be the shield in which I hide.
Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

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