Thursday, January 8, 2009

I have become

He was a bridge to an awakening
Of who I was to be
And when I crossed the winding trail
He was no more to me.

I held my breath as soon as he put his hat back on
And watched anxiously as his figure became a distant blur
Until the vision was no more
And I could breathe in the new world.

Oh what strength I had all of a sudden
As if nothing could bring me down
The second day of the year gave birth to me
A new child with no more frowns!

I do not question how or why
I care not because that was long ago
And moving forward with no thoughts of him
Brings on a little smile, of whose pleasures only I know.

I do not damn his being
(He damned himself all on his own)
For I can only celebrate my own blessings
And be a testimony for those who had seen me grow.

And he is as blind as the day before we met
Knowing nothing of the me who is me
And I care not to boast or show off my new wealth
I shall let him stay where he chose to be.

To some I am a rose whose petals have outshone what was
To some I am the symbol of a dream
To some I am inspiration
And to some I am what comes from dreams.

To some I am what always was wished for
But never quite close to grasp
But to me, I am the most amazing light
That will shine and never will come unclasped.

Seek me not for I am no longer tangible
Speak not, for I shall not hear
Want not, for there is nothing left
Come not, for I am not here.

I am the name given to me upon my first breath of life
I am Hpnotiq to those who know first hand
I am princess and daughter to the Jesus Christ, my Lord
But I am no more to that distant man.

Copyright ©2009 Attica Lundy

Rehab - Rihanna

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Anonymous said...

deep. a true vision of happiness. kl