Saturday, January 17, 2009

Long Distance

I don't know what sent you away
And can't seem to get you back
Most times I just put you out of my mind
Because when I think of you, I get off track

I cannot go for more than a week
Without at least once thinking of you
I hate that our season came to pass
And that the reason didn't see us through

I wish I could turn back the hands of time
And take different steps than before
And if I can't have you back in my life
I wish I'd never even met you before

I'm scarred with a brand that symbolizes our time
But it burns right through my skin
No amount of ointment can block out the pain
Will my heart ever truly mend

I know it's time I moved on
But sometimes I want you back here with me
My tears have run dry, so there's only hurt
And I know that we can never again be

You're not within touch, so I can't feel you anymore
And that moment (our time in love) seems so long ago
I wasn't sure if you knew that I still thought of you
So I'm writing this so that you will know....

Copyright ©2009 Attica Lundy

Long Distance - Brandy

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