Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Piano Man

Piano Man
Sing me a tune
Make it slow and heart felt
So that when I close my eyes I can see notes
Lift me up with your song
Brighten my day with your smile
That same smile, old friend, that I've not seen in a while
Whether it be something like the blues
Or even a tad bit jazz
Something to make my toes wiggle
Or that will make me shake my
And if you're feeling rather gracious
Give me good old R&B
I want to snap my fingers to something
Yeah, I know you're feeling me
Piano Man, where's the music
I've got my ears so open and wide
There's something I've been missing
Since I crossed over to the other side
I cannot put my finger on it
Seems like there used to be a new song every day
I suppose I must have been to busy
To sing the songs of yesterday
But now I've got a duet playing in my heart
So I need music for our team
And you know that if you write the music
Then we'll write the song to sing
And I'm just hoping that all's not lost
And that you'll play for me again
It's not too often that I come out to be seen
But I will for an old friend

Copyright ©2007  Attica Lundy

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