Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I could have loved him from afar-but I took a chance
I told him my true feelings, not just what I thought was the right things to say
And I bore my soul to him-not knowing if it mattered
Told secrets that could have changed his view of the "me" he was falling for
For I'd already fallen in love and just wanted to put it all out there
Sometimes the truth can be so very scary
If you haven't been the you that you know you should have been
We all fall short of glory
But nobody wants to be naked with no armor
But for him, I stripped it all down
And in my nudess skin
He took to me and showed me a love unlike any I've ever known
And sealed it all with kisses that were so much more than a pinky swear-but the same faithfullness
And so I gave him, in return for his unconditional love, my heart
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

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