Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Outspoken Lover

I was told that the nature of a woman was to lie

Never talk about her true feelings, to always keep them inside

Always be soft spoken, take insults like someone's joking'

And be the softness that a real man needs…

Well, I'm sorry I can't be that way

Sorry, I don't know words to say

To make things sound better

And it won't get any better

This is who I am - I'm stronger than most

I got babies that look up to me, sisters that need me to lead

So take me or leave me, that is your choice.

Before you decide, please hear my voice.

I can be all you need

You could really count on me

And that is what matters-not what society thinks we should be

It won't make you less than a man

To tell them you understand

My position on things

And the joy that I bring

To you

Taking you to new levels you didn't know existed

Remember how my tender kisses were sensual, so hard to be resisted

You laughed cause I'm bossy and so I insisted

That you stay through the night – and that felt so right

And how even when you stomped your feet

I laughed at you and turned up the heat

And you were putty in my hands

It doesn't matter if they understand

But it doesn't matter because they don't have what you need….


It's not about what they think

Only matters what our love brings

Only matters how we feel

And that we know this love is real

When we are alone, the world doesn't exist

Only our two heartbeats and the softness of our kiss

And you and I both know

Haters will continue to throw

Out all their negativity

But close your eyes so you can't see

All of their jealousy and all of their games

Just shut out the world and know that your place

Is here by my side

No matter what life brings, baby, I'm gonna ride

Its us, do or die

And I'll never desert you – Always be here for you

Just like you are here for me – saving me, giving me what I need

I'm so glad I found you, so just let me love you

The way that I know how to do.

Shut out the world, and let love be our earth.

Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

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