Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Presidential Suite

Presidential Suite

I finally made it to the Presidential Suite

On this heavenly bed

Got the richest complimentary chocolate laying on the pillows

I taste it one lick at a time

So bitter, so sweet

A treat I'm sure to keep

I'm told it will melt in my mouth

Not in my hands

But this man

Makes me melt so quickly

I'm watching for a cold front

To blow through

But this heat wave's got me sweatin'

Sweatin' him in the darkness

Sweatin' him in this hour

Sweatin' him sweatin' me

From the bed, floor, counter, and shower

And then back to the bed

As I melt in his mouth

And then in his hands

Until our chocolate lays

It's melted bitter sweetness

On the pillows

On this heavenly bed

Inside of the Presidential Suite

Copyright ©2007  Attica Lundy

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