Wednesday, October 31, 2007

First Impressions

First impressions

Is this real?

How can this man know

Exactly how to make me feel

Like, how does he know how to

Hit the spot

Right there

And lord knows I'd been looking

Damn near everywhere

He loves to slow grind

And kiss me from behind (on the lips)

Until I begin to make the sheets rip

And then he gives full kisses that are like poetry or old R&B songs

And looks deep into my eyes

Saying that even though I'm Hpnotiq, he can Hypnotize

Me, and tells me to slow it down to a pulse

He never rushes it

Always takes his time

Does it nice and slow

Makes me lose my mind

But that was just first impressions

Wonder why it never stays so sweet

Cause now that he's got me where he wants me

He ain't trying to keep up the heat

No, now that he's got me in the palms of his hands

He is lazy with the details and the flow

Like he's got somewhere better to go

There is very little foreplay

And licks are only for lubrication

And I can't stand the frustration

And now things are in deliberation

Because I realize that all we had was first impressions

And the good times we shared left behind no representation

No kids, no ring,

No plans for those things

I guess love don't live here no more

So give me the keys back to my door

And the final impression

Will be your behind

Being careful not to let the door hit you where the good Lord split you

Back into the world you go

Never to waste my time anymore.



Copyright ©2007  Attica Lundy

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