Saturday, May 3, 2008

He didn't try

Saw his profile and it still says single
Is he lost without my touch?
Does he regret the things he didn't do
When I loved him so very much?
I can't care if he is lonely,
I can't care if he's alone,
I let all my caring escape from me
When I said it was over, so now that's an old song.
I can say he was a fool
To do the things that he did
He should have been thinking with his brain
Instead of with that other head.
He wasted too much time doing nothing
He didn't try hard even though he had a chance
He was too much into going through the motions
Instead of renewing our steamy romance.
I'm married now, moved on long ago
I hear from him now and again
But I'm glad that I found my soulmate
And me and my ex could remain friends
Friends is a little off definition
I'd say we're assocates with a past
That way there's no hard feelings
I hope he finds a love for himself at last.
Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy
By Hpnotiq

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