Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

I suppose this is more of an observation
How some women keep a tight leash on their men
I guess it could be insecurity
Or a battle of sorts coming from within
But...think about the true reason
Be honest, please don't lie
Because you can't expect him to be true to you
If you can't be true to the "you" inside
For instance, I have a friend that I've known for years
And we "click" on so many levels, in fact
And there is nothing romantic or sexual between us
But his wife can't understand that.
She hates me for no good reason
Bans him talking to me at all
And I've got to wonder why she's so insecure
When there's no reason-no reason at all
I've got to also check him on this
Because if he were a true friend, he'd stand up for us
He would value the years that we've been friends
And would put an end to all that 'fuss'
So is he weak in that sense
Is our friendship's worth less than I thought
Because in my past I've never dropped him as a friend
And even put him right on top
Everyone I've dated has known about him
They've had to respect that he's my very best guy friend
And If they wouldn't accept him
I'd have to put that relationship to an end
But now I'm understanding that I must let him go
Because if he won't fight for me, what's the use?
And though it's hard to say "goodbye, dear friend"
It would be the smartest thing to do
They say a friend is someone who knows all about you
But loves you anyway-
And that is what I thought we had
But obviously he doesn't feel the same way.
I fear nobody except the lord
I stand tall and loyal for my true friends-they know
So if he can't treat me just as I treat him
Then I guess I'll have to let him go.
Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

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