Saturday, May 3, 2008

The price for breaking my heart

Did I break your heart, just a little
When I left you out to dry
If I did, then I am sorry
But that was the price for making me cry

Was I the one for you, after all?
Did you realize it much too late?
When it mattered you didn't care at all
You chose your own fate.

Once upon a time,
it was only you and I
We Were happy and our love was passionate
And made love under the starry night

Sometimes we got real kinky
Made love in the back seat of my truck
I thought that you saw forever in my eyes
Until I realized I was just a f**k

Why did you have to call her
And foolishly lie to me
Did you think I didn't know who she was
Your phone was out there for me to see

And yes, I called her back one day
Pretending to be from a fashion magazine
She said she wasn't a model,but a teacher
And that's all I needed to see

I knew she was from long ago
And you were rekindling memories from you past
So I decided that I didn't deserve how you were treating me
And I decided we could not last

When I let you go, I felt relieved
And I went out on my own way
And low and behold, he found me
And we're married til this day

That could have been you, but you were greedy
You didn't know what a good thing you had
I was someone that your parents loved
I guess you messed up really bad

I know you regret what happened
And I know you'll learn from your mistake
At least we can still be friends
And I won't rub it in your face

The truth is I do still miss you
I wish you'd been honest to me
We could have achieved greatness
But you were afraid to commit to me

I still smile when I think of our birthdays
We had fun, didn't we
And the time we went to the mountain top
And got high, and you made love to me

I'm mad still, though, because you lied
You may not cheated but you still snuck around
You thought I was so stupid
But look who is looking stupid now

I'm done rubbing it in your face
I just wanted you to know what was the last straw
Saying the call was from your cousin
When it was really from your ex-I hope she was worth it now

I would have done anything for you
If you would have just done the right thing
You should have put in on the bills
And gave me a friggin' ring

Whatever, I'm fine with my life now
I finally have someone to take care of me
But know you can always call me friend
But that's all we will ever be
Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

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