Thursday, July 3, 2008

The commitment of love

To love love is being in love
The joy
The smiles
The laughter
The tenderness
The safety
The security
The certainty

To be committed to the commitment is remaining committed
The vows
The promise
The work
The choirs
The name
The ring
The date

If it were as simple as that
Forever would never be in question
But what is committment without love
Is it co-habitating with no common interests?
Is it saying "good morning" and "goodnight"?
Or is it taking in fully what you have encountered
without hesitation
moving forward and putting in effort

Remember when you first met
When you took time to converse
When you took pleasure in pleasing one another
When traveling wasn't an issue
When you not only loved each other but liked each other
When you fought for us, not fought with each other
When it was important?

Do you see how things have changed?
Do you see how time is not taken to remember?
Do you see how hard it is to speak about joyful things?
Do you notice that her eyes are full of pain?
Do you notice that he no longer knows what made him long for you?
Does the thought of forever now seem improbable?
Is every night just like the night before?

It would seem that this is not love
It's not like
It's not enjoyment
It's not right

But it is forever...
So why not start again?
Why not search deep within?
Why not only be partners, but also try to be friends?

Such a shame to lose the love...
You listen to the love songs all the time
but don't really liiiisssstttteeennnn
Do you hear the words
Words like "taste" and "want" and "need"
Remember when you did just that?
Like riding a bike, you can learn again...
try again....
do again....
be again....
before it's too late.

Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

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