Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Freedom Rings

Freedom rings, but it comes with a price
The sound it releases ain't always so nice
Sell your soul to come up out from the gutter
Turn your back on what's right so things can feel better
What happened to times when hard work wasn't a waste
When food was so good that you dreampt of the taste
When gas wasn't so high that you could take the scenic route
When parents closed doors so the kids wouldn't hear them shout
When the neighbors were family to each other
When blood was bond and we cared for our brother
What happened to "I do"'s were forever
When death til us part didn't mean we may kill each other
When we were proud to sign up for the cause
When we didn't have to suffer through all the loss
Things were not great, but they weren't this bad
Seldom do we see smiles anymore-now this is sad
When respect was earned and not just expected
When we romanced instead of letting love go neglected
Freedom rings and I sing it's glorious tune
Because I demand it, now what about you?
Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

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