Friday, July 4, 2008

Investment in love

The dust has settled
And the dawn has set in
My heart is so heavy
In all we've been in
And yet I still wonder
How things could have been
Had we took the time to take it slower
And not just to have rushed in
I love you today
As I loved you the day before
But is love ever enough
To keep closed the door
The door to the unknown
I've been there before
So I suppose it's the comfort
Of not having to push for another score
But when do we take time
To see the sunrise
Are we unaware of the beauty
Of when the sun shines
And when do we share
In hopes, dreams, and goals
When all we have is routines
Never any time for anything more
See...that's why I shutter
to think of what could be
If I did not have you
And you did not have me
Would we be the same people
Would anyone else love us best
I'm not willing to risk it
Not willing to take that test
See, God had a plan
Whether you believe it or not
He sent us to each other
So that our hearts would not rot
He meant for you to join me
In a journey where pain did not exist
But sometimes you forget that...
Sometimes you hit and miss
And then there are those moments
When we are silent, but it feels like we're old friends
And that's called companionship
With that, we've got to win
Because some people are lonely
They don't have "forever" in anyone's eyes
Don't think you are unlucky
Just know that You've got I
And I've got you, babe
For now and ever more
I pray that you'll understand
And come back to me once more
See...I've never been alone
But always felt solitude
Until I met you
And made a choice to change the mood
So listen quite closely
Because you may miss the point
Eternity has a price
Like an account that is joint
Together we stand
Seperatly we will fall
So let's do this together
This is the last call
I'll stand side by side with you
And never be afraid
It was a wise investment
...the price that we paid

Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

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