Saturday, July 5, 2008

Stolen Love

We made music together
Acoustic soundwaves filled the sky
Harmonic symphonies with melodic moments
All of this, his very first time

I'm compelled to say it was unselfish
To make his world feel right
To touch his heart more than anyone else
Even if it were for the last time

When he held me, I slept peacefully
He wondered where I'd been all his life
I knew that somehow it wouldn't last forever
Couldn't put my finger on it, but it felt too right

Was I his fallen angel
Seemed like I knew the hourglass was spilling fast
At twenty four, he was still innocent
But longed for passion, even if it were not to last

I enjoyed making him so very happy
Dying young is never easy to do
And though we both had our own ailments
I felt compelled to see his through

The last night he asked impossible questions
Wanted to know if my love was true
And he told me I'd see him in my dreams
A promise he made so true

The seductive kiss in the shower
My hair still wet from the fall of rain
To think of him brings happiness to my heart
I'm not ready to feel the pain

I cannot wrap my head around this
A stranger I've known all along
Breathing without his life present
Just somehow seems so wrong

I do not know his family
I know only the life he shared with me
In solitude I light candles for his soul
To one day be rejoined with me

Is he looking down from heaven
Can he feel the shatters of my heart
I think he knew it would be over
Long before it was to start

Despite the unanswered questions
I know what we had was real
And to anyone else who doesn't beleive it
Doesn't know how sincere he could feel

I loved him before I knew him
I love him now even more
And I will be waiting my whole life
To see him again when I enter heaven's door

So sleep quietly, darling, don't fret
Your love travels with me each day
And we will be together once again
So meet me there on judgementday

I'll smile at our inside jokes
That will keep a smile on my face
But deep down I'll always miss you more
So sleep quietly until I see you again

Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy


Anonymous said...

Wow that was very deep.who ever he is I know he is looking down from heaven with his Louie Bag.

Attica Lundy said...
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