Saturday, July 12, 2008

Do you consider

If I told you everything or nothing at all would it matter?
Would you notice if I lay awake or sleep at night?
If you had the power to make a change would you make the effort
To make the wrongs with us turn into right?

If I passed away this very moment would you miss me?
Does our silence comfort you in a selfish way?
If I cried from hurt would you let my tears continue
Or would you have the heart to wipe them away?

If I was falling and reached out to you would you try to catch me?
Or would you let me fall without even trying to save me?
When I say things to you that are important to me, do you consider
That I'm saying them to you because you're the biggest part of me.

Sometimes I think that I am just a factor,
A small fraction of something that exists in your world, but is overlooked.
And when you see the sorrow in my eyes does it make you want to try harder
Or is it not important enough for you to even look?

My love is so large, it overflows...
But is it wasted as surplus that has no value at all?
If you could turn back the hands of time to the moment you said you loved me
Would you change that moment so that I wouldn't fall?

Fall as in falling in love with you;
Do you regret that you chose this path with me...
And if you don't regret it, why won't you make it better
Instead of making me feel that I'm an object of stupidity?

Two wrongs can never make it right
And love is a job that has to be worked with pride
And the level of perfecting a craft of the heart that is supposed to last forever
Cannot be swepted and continuously brushed aside.

When you laugh and joke with your buddies, can you see the difference?
Can you see that you don't laugh and joke with me?
It would seem that two people who are committed to each other
Would have stolen moments that make the two feel complete.

I will not try to confront tonight's heartache
I've been here too many times before this night
No matter what I say, you won't feel compassion
Or even want to heal my heart that you kicked aside.

So a new day will come at the break of tomorrow morning
And we'll start the new day as we have each and every day
And I'll pray that you won't disappoint me again and make me lose my luster
Because I'm really trying to make my heart's love stay.

Sometimes it feels like a losing battle...
God, I'm tired of fighting the same old tirdful fight
So I'll pray that God will open your eyes to what you need to do
And that he'll forgive you for overlooking the gift created for you last July.

Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

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