Thursday, July 24, 2008

The truth

We are told that in the beginning there was Adam and Eve
Then time passed, and the world was gone; only to be reborn again
We started over, still failing test after test until God started it all over again
Pairing us up, two-by-two...but that only lasted for a while

And here, I smile
Knowing that change is inevitable and that God trusts us to find our own way
I struggle to do the things I feel are right, and to make it day by day
And deep down I know secrets that aren't really secrets at all
Because our conscious exists, and that's God's blue print on our soul.

They say he sent his son here to forgive us of our sins...
I'm thankful for that
because no matter how much I try to imitate perfection
I'm always going to slack
And that is fine; because as long as I try to make ammends for things I've done wrong
Then there is still hope for me to be born again
And to embrace his only son

But who am I?
Am I his daughter?
Am I just as important as he?
And if so, then isn't it my duty to find injustice and set it free?

Such a large burden;
I'm still just a child in the midst of the galazy skies
So many stars and planets and journies
And so again, I ask "Who am I"?

It's hard for me to embrace the thought that there is but one soul intended to touch mine
And it's impossible for me to understand why there are no clear boundries on my path
I screamed to the heavens once, "What is this all about?!"
But no answers came readily to me
And then when the silence fell upon the dark night winds
The answer came to me

It said that freedom exists when you can give your all
And not expect anything back in return
And when you can put a smile on a saddened face
Or help to break a fall
And it said that when mothers hold their young close to them
And heal them from their pain
Then there is good in the world and good in mankind and there is hope that still remains
And that faith is the belief that all is not lost
And that the sun will shine again
And the rain will fall upon scorched dried out lands
To help the harvests grow again
And when you can spare some bread or meat or drink to calm a hungry man
And when you can give it your all and something good comes from it, then it's proof of God's gentle hand

So many answers came that one moment, and I still shutter when I think of it all
The lovliest voice I've ever heard; almost the sound of a white dove's call
Words like bible and love and growth and hugs and kisses and couples came about
Feelings like joy and bliss and elation filled my body
Moments of being afraid escaped me momentarily and a strong surge of braveness erupted
That moment when God told me his entire plan is the moment when I learned to love it truth we can be good or we can be bad
The choice always remains in our hands
And even when we fall short of glory
He'll always extend his hand

I tell you this because you need the proof
Of what you already know
That hope is not lost and you do have power to make it through
Even when things don't look like they are going to go
You way....but they will if they are meant to be
And if not, then you're better off without it
But my point is to look way deep inside
And the truth will always arise.

Copyright ©2008 Attica Lundy

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