Thursday, November 1, 2007


And his skin is transparent
With the night
Shawdow enters space
between the sheets and I
His lips encompassasing
Damp edges of my moist
and with a suck so deep
that i gasp
into the night.
My hips rise and fall
as i hear sounds of our lips encounter
still down below,
his lips slave to my masterous princess pearl
or was it me that was slave to his
lips, tounge, and skill...
I gasp
no matter who's in charge
only that Black is the cause of my pulse rising
and once the falls come running down
shawdows from the dark rise from the
shelter of the sheets
and his mouth tastes mine...
still hungry i kiss and tease with my tongue
as his rod enters my world below
and again we dance
this time in union
thrusts, dips, moans, and praises
And I stroking and scratching the Black Panther that surrounds his spirit in this night of passion.
Applause as two worlds become one!
I scream "Black" in the midnight hour,
and i'm somewhere else because this man becomes my
And I become his Sunshine and North Star in the smile that I cannot hide.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

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