Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!!!

I don't celebrate the traditional way
With Turkey, Dressing, and yams
I celebrate by giving extra hugs
Cause I truly love my fam
And I love to hear all the laughter
And see their loving ways
I tell ya, the love is so beautiful
enough to fill me up for days!
The grace is oh so special
Cause it's one we all deeply feel
And the twinkle in the elders eyes
Shows that true love is very real
I don't think about the pilgrims
And how they came to this land
I think about the stuggle
And how blood shed made me who I am
I'm thankful for the mi-nute freedom
That I have in these United States
And I am thankful for those around us
Who turn to peace instead of towards hate
I'm thankful for the foodstamps
That uncle Sam has given to me
Because as I sit here unemployed
I'm at least able to feed my family.
I'm thankful for my computer
And thank-God for this MySpace
Cause i'm not alone that much anymore
with friends from all over the place.
I'm thankful for my children
God blessed me with these three
I teach them love everyone equally
They are a reflection of all that's me
My oldest, Chris, is a character
He's a teenager and lord, that's hard
But his heart is very tender
He's in love with his first Sweetheart
My middle son's name is Nicholas
He's advanced in his studies in class
But the boy doesn't use commen sense
So what- I still love his crazy ass
My youngest is Miss Trinity
Her eyes are more Hpnotiq than mine
I had prayed for a daughter since I was 13
And finally God blessed me on the 3rd try.
I'm thankful for my lover
He's the one that still holds me down
I know sometimes I fly off the handle
But i'm still glad that he sticks around
Then there's my best friend, Portia Nicole
I love her more than words
She moved away to Texas
But I still make sure my voice is heard
Then there's Miss Ren, who's a close friend
She's so much fun, and keeps a smile on my face
I'm so very glad we met and connected
Because she keeps me grounded and at a good pace
I'm also thankful for my friend Christine
She's been sad lately-but things will be alright
Sometimes you have to learn to build yourself up
So i'm going to be there-no matter how hard the fight
I'm thankful for so much
Too much to list it all here
I'd be here all day trying to list it all
Though I don't mind, cause I always have your ear
Dang, forgot about my baby brother
I'm thankful for Larry and his words
He's the best writer i've come across in a while
His stories soar like the wings of the birds
Okay...i'm gone 4 real
I'd really like to stay
But since Tom gave me this site for Free
I've got to add new graphics to my page.

Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

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