Thursday, November 1, 2007


I cannot dream without seeing your face
It doesn't haunt me, just calms me and puts me in a peaceful space
But I fear that time is so sudden
Going from cold to hot, coming from nothing to something
I fear it's not real
Fear i'm dreaming like a child
But it feels real
And I feel confirmation through your smile
It's so intense
The way my heart beats for you
It makes no sense
But my faith tells me this is true
So how could this be....
Like going from zero to a hundred in a second or less
Before I was so independant
But now I feel I can rest
My trust in you
Is more than i've ever known
Makes me think somehow
That i'm still not all the way grown
But still I smile
Can't help it 'cause you bring me joy
This is not bad
For a girl to meet a boy
And have a future
Taking it one step at a time
I'm still on my path of faith
Want to live my life surrounded by God's love
And with recent blessings
Seem's you've been sent from heaven above
I must pray on this
To understand God's plan
I've always wanted
to be in the arms of an honest man
I want so much
And I've got so much to give
I suppose in the past
I was alive, but never truly lived
So this is me being reborn
And it feels good, but scrary at the same time
I'll just walk on faith, because I know that you are mine.
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

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