Thursday, November 1, 2007


You were so lame trying to call me out like that

Little girl, I'm a grown ass woman and I don't respond to shit like that

You wanna play, it's your game, I got no time for it cause i'm ALL that and more

And if your man ain't happy-look at yourself-what the hell you looking at me for?

That shit was so funny, I laughed my ass off, and then together we laughed even more you.

You made a fool out of yourself, desperation isn't cute-so what you really one wanna do?

Two grand a month? Baby that ain't shit? I got shoes worth much more, and you were the fool to even pay.

I got royalty checks, stocks and bonds,i'm a super starr, and I pay my OWN damn way.

Catch me on tour if you wanna see me, you know how us BIG ballers do...

Or you can buy the book, and read all about US..and see how YOU were played for a fool.

And the best part about it is when they buy the books, money gets put into MY account.

Now that's some funny shit, Karma like a motha, cause didn't you cheat on your spouse?

Now you don't really know me, so there's no need to show me just how childish you seem to be

Pretending to have a baby on the way is so high school, makes me laugh harder at you, imagining you drinking hatoraid like it's sweet tea.

And your boy hooks me up just right, serves me oh-so-well, and drinks up every sip of this Hpnotiq, cause it tastes so RIGHT

Hope your satisfied with this info cause I won't be acknowledging you again, especially in this life time.
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

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