Thursday, November 1, 2007


I just made love in the sweetest place of heaven
I think I'm floating on cloud seven
I didn't know that sweat could taste so sweet
And that I could shiver in the heat
I wish that nights like this would never end
Can't wait for the next night like this to begin
And though I'm dreaming it feels like I'm awake
This is farthest from my old heartbreaks
If I could touch this I wonder how it would feel
Would it feel soft like feathers or hard like steal
I'm floating so high that I can't see the ground
And it's so quiet I can't hear the loudest sounds
All I hear is heartbeats-is that you or me
I'm so dizzy I can barely see
This is crazy-why do you make me feel this way
Promise me that you will always stay
I'm never going to leave this fuggin' bed
I know you're talkin' but I can't hear a word you've said
It's funny how when I try to maintain my composure
You make me lose it, make the wild side in me show exposure
I'm awake now, I guess I was never asleep
It was just so good that I thought I was in a dream
Okay, I guess I'll say goodnite for now
Gonna try to get some sleep somehow
Hold me tight until I drift off to my dreams
No matter how long it seems to take me
And I'll make you eggs and bisquets in the morn'
So you can regain your strength and be strong

Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

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