Thursday, November 1, 2007

Abstract Mind (with poets explanation!!!)

Sitting alone in a white room-white walls make the space seem endless-white floors make my caramel skin seem out of place-white doors feeling unwelcoming-white windows won't even let the sun shine through

you know, in the dark we are all black.-but in this white, i'm so out of place

looking around, there's no other face like me.

Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

Note from the author:
Typically I don't explain my poetry, but for this one I wanted to.
The white walls are the void filled world-void of color and emotion

The white floors are places you go that you have to tip-toe through and can't be yourself.

My caramel feet against that white floor is my free nature not feeling right in this world that won't let me express myself freely.

The white windows are the clouded view that society has us looking at.

In the dark is in a place where we are all on equal ground-nobody is a particular race, creed, religion, etc. We are not fat, thin, pretty, or ugly. We are the same

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