Thursday, November 1, 2007


Subliminal thoughts cross the room towards me, but I do not answer your calls of misguided intentions and reservations of what you think you feel.

For real.

See, I'm not a little school girl impressed with your age or popularity because as I see things from here,

I'm the one who gets the cheers.


once upon a time, baby boo, I was so definitely all into you

but ever since we were though I

see nothing at all in you.

Nevereverland must have a place for you, and damn, what is it that you are trying to do?

I'm oh so satisfied and have made it clear

that your presense is not at all welcome



you just don't get it. Must I entertain

the energy that it would take to get this into your brain

that once it's over it's done. Can't you see

that you seem so damn weak to me.

It's not a good luck boy. Go bother someone else.

Or just stay single for a while

so you can find yourself.

Must have been a blow to the ego that I moved on so fast,

but we all know that good women don't stay alone as time passes.

I-----got up got some business about I, myself, and me…

and then the rest is just plain old history,

and you can read about us on the latest blogs

about how this dreamy romance came in out of the fog.

Sniff sniff, must I hand you a tissue for your eyes?

You still ain't got nothing, I know this came as no surprise.

Did you honestly think that I'd keep putting up with you

and remain in the shawdows because I couldn't be seen with you?

Wow, you really underestimated my worth from the start,

and that's the main reason why you are no longer in my heart.

So imma leave now, because me and my man have plans

and no

there will never


be another chance.

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