Thursday, November 1, 2007

Free to be me

I am so happy to be free

Free to be the woman inside of me

Five foot two, but towering above obstacles far and wide

Lil' mama in stature, but not in the mind

I'm wondrous and loving and soft to the touch

I don't settle for less, but I don't ask for too much

My blackness precedes me, but now my femininity must rule

I love to wear the dress, but I've had to wear the pants and work shoes

I count my blessings; me, him, and ours combined completes our family

Brand new last name, but inside I'm still the "me" that I be.

God, powerful and mighty, done put his kiss on me

Got me floating to the heavens, and I'm blessed and happy!

Long years behind me, no more doubt and no more pain

No longer without knowledge of the future, I can stand the rain.

Appreciated for the child of God I am, no longer have to hide my true soul

And bite my tongue before I speak, and do what I am told

And because God is with us, there's never a need for a harsh word

Husband and Wife should also be best friends; I know that's what we have heard

And so that is how I live: the life I've always imagined has come to be

And the dreams that I've always looked forward to have become my reality.
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

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