Thursday, November 1, 2007


I need my peace
I will you away
Go someplace
And there, please stay!
Don't call my phone.
Don't Call my name.
Forget about me,
and i'll do the same.
You just can't see
that even if I tried
I can't love you again
Because your actions made me hide.
I can't go out in public
For fear that you are there
I can't feel secure
because you are everywhere!
You are in my dreams
You are on my phone
You are every where
Please leave me alone!
It's so sad to say
I've had to call the police
You are the worst person in the world
Much worst than a thief
Much worst than a killer
Much worst than a fein
It hurst me to say
that your worst than anything!
Why won't you leave?
Why can't you try?
Seems you are mentally unstable
And you could get help if you tried.
Breaking into my accounts,
Hiding behind the scenes
Making me hate you...
is that how to you "love" is seen?
I'll tell you the truth
You don't know love at all
because if you really loved me
You'd not bother me at all.

Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

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