Thursday, November 1, 2007

ONE story of my life

Way back in 87, came back from California right

Just turned 13, got hips and breasts- Now Im looking tight

Im about the flirt-long hair and boys got my head blowing up

Feeding me the game and shawty knew her shit could not be touched

I got a boyfriend-Too young for a man and not scared enough to have a niggah yet

Pecks on the cheek and hugs, boyfriend saying girl I love ya

Loving all the sweet poetry found in my locker after a gymnastics set

Didnt make it to second quarter before I lost my virginity on a bet

Now Im feeling grown and and theres so many other fish in the sea

Football seasons in, and beer and liquor tastes got-damn good to me

Ol boy who graduated from the school like a year before

Caught me at the snack bar, now Im with him and he made the score

Story of my life

Damn near 14 and the time is just flying by

Im dumb as hell, went from straight As and honor roll to just barely passing by

Too drunk to care, I dont remember everything that went down

Found myself in a circle of girls wanting to whoop my ass and stomp me N 2 the ground

Got the strength from somewhere and in the circle I held my own

Gotta stop drinking and smoking, though, cause my world is hazy and I aint grown

And I got played big time cause he aint serious about no 9th grade girl

So imma dump his ass and try to get ready for the world

Now Im 14, January baby got to get it right

East Point 4 life, but I found me a Decatur niggah-he so tight!

Got his own car, he in 12th grade and from a good family

But he want the ass, too, and graduated, went to Tuskegee and he dumped me

Story of my life

I done ran through niggahsyeah, I can't respect them so I call them that

And Im on the hustle, cause homeboys from the Westside got my back

And we on the grind-seein money come in from left and right

In school by day and by night we trappintill daylight

Like to caught a case, slowin it down cause that was just too close

Still a little girl, no matter how much makeup or sexy clothes

Story of my life

Need to regroup, so I closed myself off and caught a chill

Barely 15 now, gotta get a job cause somehow I gotta live

I aint on the streets, but life at home we barely scrapin by

Grandma on a government check, so Im paying bills instead of getting high

Dude from the other side of the tracks got his eye on me

Next year I left home and moved in with his family

He dont treat me right, but Im okay cause thats all I know

Saving up some dough and when I have enough I know that I will go

At 18 Im pregnant with my 1st child right out of high school

And Im feeling good cause Ill have someone 2 love me 4 real, and thats really cool

Its a struggle, yeah, but I took my cash, moved out, and bought a home

Im okay with just me and my son doing it on our own

Baby Daddy crazy, so hes in and out my life for years

Gave me another son, but the price I paid was stress and a lot of tears

Back in the day he hit me and made my eye swollen, black and blue

Story of my life

We fought for years but one day I was strong enough to say I was through

Back to the grind and a brand new life, but I lost my house in the cause

Grandma had died and I felt alone-so its just me and my boys for the long haul

Imma get it right, but I gotta stack is what I told myself

Back to the Westside on a hustle and on the way to wealth

Little boys on the road with me, taking chances that should not have been taken

But I was on the grind and concentrating on all the dough Im making

BabyDaddy tried to snitch and things fell all apart

Feds on my ass and if I lose my kids Id basically lose my heart

Gotta live life straight, so I disappear and get a 9 to 5

Now Im a corporate whore working for the man just to stay alive

Hook up with a dude and a daughter was conceived; now I got my three

Left his ass real quick so its just the four of us in our family

And I gotta look back, cause throughout it all I made it out safe and free

Gotta raise two boys to be men and thats hard because at times I dont believe in me

But its worth the while and imma make it right and give them the life they deserve

And my baby girl and boys will one day have the whole fuggin world

Imma do it right and imma make sure they dont never need or want for a thing

Imma keep it real and not be fake or phoney and one day Ill get that ring

Story of my life

But for now Im married to my kids with vows that cant be broke

And Ill teach them family values-cause no matter what your fam is your down azz folk

1st born son, right now hes olderdamn hes now 14

Gotta prevent him from living my story, gotta keep him sweet, cant let him get all mean

Gotta set the pace, show him respect, not let him treat girls like them niggas treated me

Gotta keep him off the grind so he can grow into a man and remain free

Yes, I snap..cause if I dont he gonna do shit I did

And yes, he gotta learn on his own, but I can guide him on the right path and not into a dead end

He gonna be alright if he listens and if not, while he still young, imma whip that ass

Not outta anger but love-and hell be okay, all his anger and fear will pass

He loves his dad, but he aint gotta be the same way his dad is

He can be much better, more successful than us both, true to the heart and full of bliss

And his younger siblings, they gonna be okay cause imma make sure of that

Just them and me, we smile cause we got each others backs

I done seen it all, done shed some blood and even committed sins

But they gonna live a different life-so this is where their story just begins.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

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