Thursday, November 1, 2007

Forever Your Love

I lay still sometimes awaiting anything...everything...from you.

So still, breathing getting more shallow, heartbeat slowing down...trying to stay still enough that you'll seem to move faster than me.

But you won't. You died a long time ago and all that is left is the shell of you. Your voice is a foreign tongue. When we walk together and pass a mirror-your reflection does not exist and I see how very alone I am. Sometimes I think that you are not real; just my imaginary partner, my imaginary friend.

Sill breathing-more shallow-getting dizzy but still faster than you. You do nothing. You are nothing. We are nothing. I am everything that you cannot be.

Escape me, please. Let me cast you into the darkness that you've pulled me into. From the day I loved you, my life has not been my own. From the day I loved you, my dreams have fallen short. From the day I didn't love you anymore, my future seemed much brighter.

Now I lay still enough that you can't know i'm breathing, hoping you'll surrender over your life out of desperation and leave, so that I may re-emerge and reclaim mine.

Copyright ©1997 Attica Lundy

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