Thursday, November 1, 2007


When I'm all alone I listen for her voice
Saying, "You don't have to go that route" and "You always have a choice"
And I know that even though she's no longer here with me
I'll always have the thoughts, the words, and the memories
She took me in when all was lost
And tried to give my life sunshine
Even though times were hard
She gave me peace of mind
Back then I didn't understand just how much a big hug meant
But now I know, and I thank her..from God to me she was sent
She was my grandma
Beautiful can't even describe her
Hair jet black and straight, skin so smooth and light
And, boy, could she set you straight
If you dared to do me wrong
That's why I loved her...she was my very first love song
I miss her now
I wish she were here with me
To see me smile
She'd be so happy
To see my life
And what it turned out to be
Me as a mother
And a wife
That's what she wanted for me
To see my dreams come true
And for my children to be happy and kind
That's why I do what I do
I show my family love
That's the way I keep her spirit alive
I feel her in heaven above
In a place with the most high

Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

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