Thursday, November 1, 2007


It was hard for me to forgive you
'cause my mind wouldn't let me forget
But I know i am not perfect
And i've done things myself that I regret
But i've never taken anything
Especially nothing like the thing you took from me
Our horrid little secret
I was six, and you took my virginity
It still makes me shudder to think of it now
I was just a little girl
And even though you did me wrong
You still were the center of my world
But I do forgive you now
Mack Wallace Hines, i'll say your name
And that way another little girl
Will know you before she plays your games
God told me to forgive you
And if I did, he'd take the pain from me
So I do forgive you for your crimes
And await god's eternity.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

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