Thursday, November 1, 2007


What the phuck? I don't know...but Imma see for a bit

Cause the lovin' is so strong, and the phuckin' is DA SHIT

But I want more, cause now I just can't get enough

It's not just the sex, even though I like it when the shit get's rough

It's not the smile, even though it makes my knees weak

It's not the voice, even though it puts me deep in my sleep

It's not the money- hell, i'm grown and I make enough for me

It's not the status, hell, we grown and what we do - folks don't see

It's just that I see him in my future and can visulize him in my life

And right now i'm his lady, but I want to become his wife

I think we'll do just fine if we go there, but he's on the stall

I want him 100% or nothing at all

So Imma sit back and look, but for me in the end,

We cool as hell as lovers, and we friends till the end

So we gonna do this, and I hope he sees what I see

Cause our love is too good for us to let it fall off like leaves.
Copyright ©2005 Attica Lundy

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