Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Seas

I suppose i'd summoned you from across a thousand seas

To a place i barely knew.

Except in my dreams how many times had i

Traveled there before.....and though it was familiar to me, it was, in all honesty, new.

The wanting in your eyes made me tingle from every pore,

Somewhat like the rain hits your skin in the mist of a summer storm.

And yet it was heat that i felt as your hand touched mine,

for that made me hungry for more.

It was your kiss that sealed my fate (much like it sealed my lips).

The taste of you made me quiver as i watched the movement of your hips.

And when you pulled me to you, it was a journey in itself.

For i knew that all the world's riches didn't compare to this love's


Your hand searched my body slowly, and i knew fear,

For i was afraid that this would be the last time.

So i savored every movement, every sigh, every touch¼

And sketched the memories in my mind.

And that night as i slept, i saw it all again,

As if i were at a movie show.

And i thought that dream would never end,

But the new day came; and the dream did go.

And today? I summon you from across a thousand new seas

To our place underneath the sun.

And when i see that smile on your lips again,

I know that we've just begun.

Copyright ©1997 Attica Lundy

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