Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hey Babe

Hey babe,

Is she everything you wanted in a woman, is she what you need, is there more to the plan?

See, I've been where you are, and never want to go there again.

I guess I grew up, and learned how to live-right not wrong-and I'm not waiting for you. I hope you're okay, and know the things that you have to do.

You're all on your own. Seems when I think about it, I should have left so long ago.

There were signs all around me, to indicate that you were doing me wrong.

I had no doubts about you because you told me I could trust you. It's a shame that you did the things you did to me…a shame that you told lies.

Now I found love in the arms of a new man. I know that you just want to hide.

He treats me the way I've always wanted to be treated. This love is oh so strong.

He doesn't leave me hanging like you used to do. He doesn't sing the same old song. He doesn't mind us going out, doesn't try to make me hide.

He always puts a smile on my face, and it breaks his heart when he see's me cry.

He never says "no", no matter what I ask of him. I don't have to beg for anything.

And the sound of his voice makes me want to melt when he says romantic things.

He looks me in the eye when he talks to me, says my face brightens up his world.

And he says no matter what he will never cheat, and I'll forever be his one and only girl.

Hey babe,

Are you lonely since she went away?

Did you beg and plead to get her not to go? Did you ask get her to stay?

Did she laugh at you and say the only way you could be with her is inside of your dreams?

Baby, that's messed up. But you were the one who planted that seed.

See I used to take care of you, didn't use you the way she did.

And I never would have cheated on you, but you chose to be with the one who did.

I know she talked a good game.

She told you all the good things.

But I was there for you.

I didn't lie to you.

She sold you big ol' dreams.

But what I gave to you was reality.

Hey babe,

Seems what goes around comes back around, wouldn't you agree?

You tried to treat me wrong, but in the end you were the one suffering.

Guess it's too late now, I've moved on and am happier than I've ever been.

So if you want to stay in my life, then all we can ever be is friends.

I hope that one day you will find happiness, I really do.

Just remember what we went through, so the next chance at love you will not lose.
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

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