Thursday, November 1, 2007

On Top

Why am I so fly?

I'm the winner of the game.

I'm the apple of my daddy's eyes.

Why are you surprised?

Did you think that you would win?

Please, I am blessed by the most high!

And my heart is priceless, too.

Let the Devil try his best, but he's surely going to lose.

Hater's want to threaten, but I have nothing else to prove.

I'm protected by the law, and not just the one that carries guns.

Each and every day I'm blessed…

So now I know that I can't let the devil bring me stress!

Phone calls, emails; they can't touch me, you hear?

You can hate me all you want to but God is the one that you should fear.

Putting all your energy into acting like a fool!

That's not even attractive, so who would want to be around you?

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