Thursday, November 1, 2007

His Skin

Tonight his skin rests on my skin

Still damp from being within

The hollow breaths of life escape his mouth

His heartbeat is my song

I love him so

Never want this feeling to end and

I wish it were a Friday instead of Sunday night

Because life begins again tomorrow

The song slows down and its time to dance again

Deep kisses tell a love story

Passionate movements paint a portrait

Vibrating moans pave the way

I love him so

Making love to him is more than just an act

Its a ballet and Im the prima ballerina

Its a war and this is just one battle

He makes me young

Sweat dripping from his body onto mine is like drinking water from the fountain of youth

And I lose myself in his eyes

And feel so safe in his frame, much taller than mine

I love him so

I dont want him to go away

I want to keep him with me always and a day

And if I could, Id pull him deeper into my womb and keep him everyday.

We fall asleep

And on this night I do not dream

I only smile in my slumber and love him more

And silently pray that well have more days like today.
Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

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