Thursday, November 1, 2007


Waking to the pulse of your vain within me
I move to the rhythem it brings
I imagine it is my ride to freedom rings
And then I exhale
As tulip bulbs begin to bloom
My breasts rise up and down like the peaks of mountain tops in June
We are one, me and you
And then I exhale
Rolling over and looking into your soul, I'm intact
I understand love now and will never go back
And I thank God as I wrap my arms around your neck
And then I exhale
Legs wrapped around your back as you do what you do
I wonder when the exact moment came that I knew
Just how very much I am in love with you
And then I exhale
Nothing sweeter could ever be
The way that you chose to love only me
You are the last piece I needed to complete my family
And then I exhale
On all fours I grab pillows so tight
That I'm sure the feathers will excape in this fight
But I don't care because this is right
And then I exhale
Fingers scratching the wall as I moan your name
And you say mine, too, and I'm going insane
You pull back to taste me as you work my brain
And then I exhale
I'm so lucky to have you take care of me
This is like tasting honey, so damn sweet
As I float up high to ecstasy
And then I explode

Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

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