Thursday, November 1, 2007


Time's on hold, And this place is so cold-This place is so cold.

I can't breath,Need someplace to think-Need someplace for me.....

Sometimes things seem so damned grand When you take me by the hand, And make me fall in love with you....

But then I see a glimmer in your eyes that makes me start to realize, That in the end it's all about you....

Time slips away, Nothing more to say-I need some place to pray...

A window view, A memory of you-A choice of me or you

I just want to have some time, I just want to clear my mind-But you hold here anyway

You say if I go off on my own, Then i'm the one you'll never know-And so I stay but can't set my mind free

I'm alone

Need a place to call my own

Got some things that need to get strong

This place makes me feel weak

Now I will no longer speak

Because the truth isn't doing us any good

I'll just live a little lie, And see if I can just get by-Cause you'd rather me suffer than do what I know to do

So i'll die, A little at a time-A little at a time

Bury me under that big oak tree-Then you can always have me.

Cut the grass under the tree, don't let weeds cover me-that way I'll never leave

And when you want to hear my voice

Just speak out loud- cause that's your choice

Just speak out loud and hear your own voice...

And for now on I'll just smile

And linger for a while

And linger



Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

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