Thursday, November 1, 2007

He Aint In Love With Me

He don't like the shit I like

He don't laugh and cuss like me

He don't give me the last bite

Or even as me if I had something to eat

He don't fuck me like he used to

Now it's all a rush, ya know

Like my pussy ain't worth a slow grind

Like he got somewhere else he got to go

He don't open the car door for me

He don't let the toilet seat down after he pee

He don't say he's sorry when he hurts me

He don't clean off the windshield so I can see

He don't say excuse me when he farts

He don't clean out my car when it ain't clean

He don't hug and kiss me when he see's me

And he talk to me so damn mean

He be flirting with them hoes

And he be choosing his boys over me

He don't give me the remote control

He don't see things the way I see

He can't show me unconditional love

He don't write to me no more

And when we go somewhere and all the seat's are taken

He take the last seat and tell's me to sit on the floor

He don't respect the place of God

He don't pray with me at night

He don't know how to handle this woman

He don't know how to treat me right

He think that everything is all about him

He think that he's God's gift to the world

He don't see me as his wife

He just see me as his girl

Yeah, them hoes call his cell phone

When they know i'm not around

Then he lie to my face like nothing

Like i'm just a fucking clown

He don't want me to go nowhere

He can't stand it when i'm gone

But when I stay around

It's just the same old tired ass song

He don't hold my hand when we go out

And believe me, us going out is rare

We ain't never been on a trip

He don't even help me take care of my hair

He won't shave my pubic area

He won't rub my back at night

He won't help me take down my braids

He refuse to treat me right!

He don't care about me like he should

And this ain't the way that it should be

I know that I deserve true love

But he ain't in love with me.

Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

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