Thursday, November 1, 2007

Your Eyes

I do not wish to excape

the madness of your eyes.

It sends me further than i've ever gone before.

The burning sensations that it extracts

Grooves me

moves me

soothes me

loses me

It sends me to desolate seashore away from everywhere,

And there i am.

I feel the sea mist dampen my heart.

It sends me

and there i am.

I'm purring through and through like a kitten

tasting warm milk from the

bowl of a loving, but stern, caregiver.

I feel hungry.

You feed me.

I feel energized.

And there i am.

It sends me to a far away resort

with pools of clear turquoise

Where we sit out on the deck of our suite

and enjoy the sun,

Sipping on vodka and cranberry juice.

I taste the bitterness of the drink

---your drink.

I feel the hot sun tanning my already golden skin.


And as i take one more sip,

one last taste,

i close my eyes.

It sends me to a hot bubble bath in a garden tub

built for two.

The foam moisturizes my body

and tickles my neck,

and i notice how the bubbles seem to melt

and turn

into a smooth film.

And as i watch your naked body taking in the scene,

it sends me.

It sends me.

It sends me to a waterfall

where the water falls

from the mountain above us.

We are in the cave behind it.

There is a lagoon there,

and you caress me because the water is cold

And intimidating.

And as you hold me close to you,

it sends me.

It sends me.

It sends me back

to that madness of your eyes,

and as i realize that there is no escape,

i surrender to them,

to you,

to us.

And i dream,

as i fall into my slumber,

that they

(your eyes)

will always


into mine.

Copyright © 1997 by ADMLundy. All rights reserved.

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