Thursday, November 1, 2007


"They" sat around the bonfire passing the smoke, drink, and sharing the laughter

Talking about things from this to that with so many meanings

Deep thoughts and high dreams and "they" all nodded, understanding

Because the night was free and the sand was endless in the night

At some point "they" became "we"

Sure, others were still there but we were in a new place

Having bonded somewhere in the admidst glances here and there

Our high now lulled into a seduced yearning for verity

It was a point where amongst eyes all around, an instant where I could not look away, nor could he-mutally acknowledged that something would occur...

And when the others seemed to fade away, we only drew nearer and eventually engaged in a tribal consortion

Quiet unexpected, lips softer than mine

Silence swarmed the night, 'cept quickened heartbeats and deep breaths

Ending never wanting to take a play, but of course nothing lasts forever

Returning to the fire, the group had reunited once again and we again became apart of them, 'cept the secret that burned in the fla
Copyright ©2007 Attica Lundy

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