Thursday, November 1, 2007


He called me stupid and told me to get away

said I was dumb and not worth his time of day

at first i was shocked and the pain hurt so bad

but as hours passed, the pain didn't last.

The next day went smooth until the night came through

and he told me he didn't want me and that we were through

and though i begged the night before

a new me emerged-i'd be a fool no more

See...i'm not stupid, i know who i am

and though i asked for reasoning, that's not who i am

who i am is strong, deep, and oh so kind

but to disrespect me...did he lose his mind

see, deep brown eyes and a smile so wide

and an ass so juicy, make you lose your mind

and intellegence and wisdom like you wouldn't believe

on the grind the right way for anything i strive to acheive

so i took the heartache one night and one day

and then i was done, said all i had to say

but his tune changed and he didn't want to leave

so here we are...him and me.

Copyright ©2006 Attica Lundy

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